2023’s Victims Of Terror In Israel: An Incomplete List



After the atrocities of October 7, all the previous terror attacks on innocent civilians in Israel were tragically pushed aside in our collective memory. While the attention obviously focused heavily on what happened in October, we should never forget the lives that were taken throughout the calendar year. When people clamor for a “Free Palestine,” remember that they cheer the death of Jews in the Land of Israel.

This list is limited to terrorist attacks that resulted in at least one death. This does not include numerous attacks where there were no casualties. The source for this list is the Jewish Virtual Library.

January 27: After Friday night prayers, a Palestinian terrorist opens fire on a crowd in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov, killing seven and wounding three.

Eli (48) & Natalie Mizrahi (45), Rafael Ben-Eliyahu (56), Asher Natan (14), Shaul Chai (68), Irina Korolova (59), Ilya Sosonsky (26),

February 10: A Palestinian rams his car into civilians at a Jerusalem bus stop, immediately killing a six-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man. The boy’s eight-year-old brother died later from his injuries.

Shlomo Liderman (20), Yaakov Yisrael Paley (6), Asher Menahem Paley (8)

February 26: Hallel Yaniv (21) and Yagel Yaniv (19), two brothers from Har Bracha, are murdered when a Palestinian gunman opened fire from close range at their car while it was caught in a traffic jam on the Route 60 highway near Huwara.

February 27: Elan Ganeles (27) is shot dead by a Palestinian terrorist on a highway between Jericho and the Dead Sea.

March 9: Or Eshkar (32) is seriously wounded by a Palestinian gunman in Tel Aviv. He dies on March 20.

April 7: A woman and her two daughters are killed in a shooting attack in the Gilboa region. A woman is killed when a terrorist rammed a car into people walking on the promenade at the beach in Tel Aviv.

Lucy Dee (48), Maia Dee (20), Rina Dee (15), Alessandro Parini, (35)

May 11: Inga Avramyan (80) is killed when a rocket fired from Gaza by PIJ scored a direct hit on an apartment in Rehovot.

May 30: Meir Tamari (32) is shot while driving on a road near his home in the West Bank community of Hermesh.

June 20: Palestinian gunmen affiliated with Hamas open fire at a gas station in the West Bank, killing four Israelis and wounding four others.

Ofer Fayerman (64), Harel Masood (21), Elisha Anteman (17), and Shmuel Mordoff (17)

August 5: A gunman from Jenin, West Bank, shoots and kills an Israeli security guard.

Chen Amir (42) had a wife and three children.

August 19: A man and his father are shot and killed at a car wash in the Palestinian town of Huwara.

Aviad Nir (28), Silas (Shai) Nigreker (60)

August 21: Batsheva Nagari is killed when a terrorist in a passing car shot at her car while she was driving on the highway.

October 7: More than 1,000 Israeli civilians were killed in a massacre perpetrated by Hamas. There are too many names to list here. Some bodies were so severely burned or dismembered that they could not be identified.

November 2: Elhanan Klein (29) was found shot in his car.

November 5: An unnamed Israel is killed by an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon.

November 30: Liviya Dickman (24), Hanna Ifergan (67), Elimelech Wasserman (73) are shot and killed by terrorists while standing at a Jerusalem bus stop. Six others are wounded (during the “humanitarian pause”).

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