Mazi Pilip: Squad Destroyer



Live by the identity politics sword, die by the identity politics sword.  That is what the Squad members in Congress are about to find out.  Mazi Pilip’s very existence undermines nearly every defense they have for their outrageous behavior regarding Israel, America, and the world.

Mazi was born in Ethiopia and made her way to Israel as part of 1991’s Operation Solomon.  She became a paratrooper in the IDF, moved to Great Neck, and had 7 children with her Ukrainian American doctor husband.  She served as Vice President of her synagogue. She ran for Nassau County Legislator in 2021 and won re-election last month by 20 points.  If this sounds like the American Dream embodied, maybe it’s because it is.  

Republican leadership is absolutely thrilled with Mazi.  After the debacle of George Santos’ meteoric fall from grace, winning a Democratic stronghold of a seat and then becoming the laughingstock of the political world, the GOP took no chances.  “She’s a mother. She’s a soldier. She’s a legislator. She’s a great American. She symbolizes the American dream,” former-Congressman Peter King said.  Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman lauded Mazi’s accomplishments.  “It’s hard for me to think of her as a real person, because it’s amazing what she’s accomplished in such a short period of time.”

“She is Batgirl and Wonder Woman wrapped into one,” Blakeman continued.

Let’s look at what the Squad stands for.  They are deeply beholden to the Marxist ideology of the “oppressor vs. oppressed,” so they will always stand with terrorists over Israel, criminals over cops, law-breaking over law-abiding.  The Squad is also running the show in the Democratic Party.  Democrats have become more and more radical in the last few years.  While they are standing strong on Israel (for now), how many more issues have they caved on? The Green New Deal was a joke, until it wasn’t.  Abortion on demand until point of birth was a talking point; now it’s a reality.  How many Democratic members of Congress will say that men cannot get pregnant?

To get away with their radicalism, the Squad hides behind their identity.  When Rashida Tlaib was being censured for justifying the genocidal slogan of “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” her defenders claimed that the only reason for targeting her was the color of her skin, her gender, or her place of birth.  “It is not lost on anyone how many offensive, violent, and racist things people regularly hear members of Congress say, yet virtually the only one that gets censured for her political speech also happens to be the only Palestinian American,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted on X.

Same thing for Jamaal Bowman, who was also censured for pulling a fire alarm to stop a Congressional vote. “This censure is just the latest in this chamber’s racist history of telling Black men that they don’t belong in Congress,” said Rep. Ayanna Pressley.  Ignore the video showing what Bowman did, just focus on his race, and call everyone who disagrees with him a racist.  

Turnabout is fair play.  When Tom Suozzi and the DCCC go on the offensive against Mazi, call them racist and xenophobic.  Mazi, unlike the Squad, actually supports American allies, supports police, supports taxpayers, and will be a great addition to our body politic as a whole. 

Suozzi has already tried to distance himself from the Squad, claiming that he will be a voice in the Democratic Party against the extremist wing.  The Democrats are notoriously strict and disciplined when it comes to party line votes, with the only breakaway votes always being the far left breaking from the mainstream. So if a vote comes up declaring that men are men and women are women, or protecting women’s sports, will Suozzi stand against the Democrats?  Will Suozzi vote against Democrats if they vote against saving the life of a baby who survived an abortion?  Will Suozzi vote against Democrats if they vote against securing the border?  Will he vote against his party if they vote against funding Israel?  Because all of those votes have 100% Democrat support in the House right now, and there is zero indication in Suozzi’s history that he will be an “outlier” voice and not just a party loyalist.

Mazi Pilip is the voice we need in Congress right now.  Everyone – left, right and center – should come out and vote for her. The Special Election takes place on February 13.

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