Biden Lets United Nations Attack Israel



Since October 7, the question was when – not if – Joe Biden would cave to his leftist base on Israel.  This did not happen overnight, but it was always inevitable.  Biden has spent his entire career blowing in the direction of the prevailing political winds, and Democrats around the country are openly signaling that they want to dump Israel by the side of the road in favor of the Hamas terrorists who committed the greatest terror attack on a Western nation since 9/11.  

On Monday, the Biden administration’s refusal to veto a UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate Gaza Strip ceasefire during Ramadan was a shocking departure from the traditional unwavering support Israel has come to expect from its closest ally. Instead of standing firmly by Israel’s side, the administration chose to abstain from the vote, effectively allowing the resolution to pass. 

This was done at the worst possible time and is the height of betrayal towards a key US ally.  Israel has been parked outside of Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas, for weeks.  The only reading they haven’t gone in is because of pressure from the Biden administration to not do so without approval first (which is a ridiculous demand to begin with).  So Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepared to send a delegation – in the middle of a war – to Washington to approve the plan.  

While in Washington, Bibi was invited to speak to a joint session of Congress and asked to have private meetings with the Republican and Democrat caucuses separately.  The Republicans readily agreed to Bibi’s request, but Chuck Schumer (who spent his career lying to New York Jews that he was the “Shomer Yisrael”) denied him.  Following Schumer’s outrageous call for new elections in Israel – interfering in the democratic process of a foreign country – Schumer has shown that he’s not interested in continuing a relationship with the Jewish state.  

Biden caved on every level. A last-minute attempt to add a condemnation of Hamas for its attack on Israel in October was dropped when faced with resistance. This spineless maneuvering on the part of the US delegation is a slap in the face to Israel and a shameful display of weakness on the international stage.

The administration’s actions are not only morally reprehensible but also strategically misguided. By undermining Israel’s ability to combat Hamas effectively, the Biden administration is jeopardizing the security of not only Israel but the entire region. The Wall Street Journal editorial board rightly questioned why Biden is opposed to Israel capturing Hamas strongholds, highlighting the absurdity of prioritizing the survival of a terrorist organization over the safety of innocent civilians.

Moreover, the Biden administration’s executive orders and memoranda, which undermine Israel’s sovereignty and security, only compound the disgust felt by those who value the US-Israel alliance. Biden deliberately referred to Judea and Samaria as the “West Bank,” placed sanctions on claims of Israeli aggression while ignoring Palestinian terrorism, allowed more money to flow to Iran, reversed the Pompeo Doctrine, entertained the notion of unilaterally declaring a Palestinian state, and far more. In short, Biden has turned from reluctant Israel ally in October to spokesman for Hamas.  

The Biden administration’s actions towards Israel in the face of the Gaza conflict are nothing short of disgraceful. From abstaining on crucial UN resolutions to undermining Israel’s military operations and sovereignty, the administration has betrayed the trust and friendship of one of America’s strongest allies. This betrayal not only damages the US-Israel alliance but also undermines the security and stability of the entire Middle East. He is doing all of this to win a few votes in Dearborn, Michigan.  He’s going to lose far more in a dozen other states because of it.  

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