WATCH: Pelosi Uses Formula Crisis To Hit GOP

Jim Cramer Is Offended People Didn't Get the Subtle Nuance of Him Calling  Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” to Her Face | Vanity Fair

On the latest episode of A Hill With A View,  we go through how Nancy Pelosi and her media operatives try to trick the American people into thinking that Republicans are against baby formula.  Here’s what really happened.  



The House passed two bills related to the baby formula shortage, neither of which are really going to accomplish anything; but one of which was designed to make Republicans look bad ahead of the midterm elections.  


It’s a purely political move that the media operatives of Nancy Pelosi are more than happy to help her out with. 


After the passage of both these bills, nancy Pelosi tweeted out “The baby formula shortage is about hungry children and anguished moms. That’s why Democrats acted to deliver formula  safely and swiftly to families. 


And yet – after days of  scapegoating, when they had a chance to help, 192 House Republicans said NO.  This is who they are. -NP


She signed it NP so everyone knows these were her words, not some social media intern in her office


Putting aside the irony of Pelosi caring about children and moms after 2 straight weeks of pushing for abortion on demand for any reason…lets take a look at the bill she’s talking about…the one that 192 Republicans voted against.  


The bill is House Resolution 7790…and what it does is give $23 million to the food and drug administration for “salaries and expense”.  Can anyone tell me WHY the FDA needs $23 million?   What they’re going to do with this money?  How an additional penny of funding will help with baby formula?


For context, the FDA, for fiscal year 2022, has $6.2 billion in funding.  Billions and millions are just words for congress, with no real meaning behind them.  But given that the federal government has spent more money in the last 2 years than is possibly fathomable, which caused the inflation crisis we’re in now, its time to finally start scrutinizing the money they are spending.


The media don’t think so.  Vanity Fair headline “192 REPUBLICANS DECIDE THEY’D LIKE FORMULA-SEEKING PARENTS TO KEEP SUFFERING”  Washington Post – democracy dies in darkness, headlined, “Nearly 200 Republicans vote against bill to ease baby formula shortage.”  Because why go for accuracy when you have sensationalism.


What they won’t tell you is that another bill was passed yesterday with overwhelming bipartisan support.  House Resolution 7791 declared the emergency, put a timeframe on health and human services to address it.  It passed 414-9 in the house and unanimously in the Senate. 


Now, this bill doesn’t really do anything either, but most republicans play the political game, knowing that voting against this is a bad look come re-election time.  the 9 republicans who voted against it don’t play that game.  


So we’re all used to being lied to by now, and its no surprise that the “every crisis is an opportunity” Dems would use starving children to gain a 10th of a point in the congressional polling.  but that doesn’t give us an excuse to be ignorant of the truth.


Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Sponsors Ahistorical Anti-Israel Resolution

Art Industry News: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Calls Out MoMA Board Member  Larry Fink, Joining Chorus of Protest + Other Stories

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took to Twitter to announce that she introducing a House Resolution recognizing the Nakba, which she terms as the catastrophe when Israel demolished 400 Palestinian communities and made refugees out of 700,000 Palestinians.  She frames this as an issue of human rights and justice, but in reality it is an issue of ignorance of recent historical events in the region and the anti-Semites that prey upon it for personal gain.

The Resolution was joined by the normal cadre of Israel haters and anti-Semites – Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Betty McCollum, Marie Newman, Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush.  Most, if not all, of these co-sponsors have consistently sided against the State of Israel, endorsed the BDS movement, pushed for the label of Israel as an Apartheid State, and worked to dissolve the strong alliance between Israel and the United States.  The Resolution itself is a sophomoric diatribe filled with propaganda of both the Palestinian Authority and anti-Israel Jewish groups like J Street and IfNotNow.  It lacks the context of the events preceding and succeeding the 1948 war and squarely places all blame for the subsequent crises of the Palestinian people on their existential enemy – the Jews. 

The phrase “Nakba” literally means “catastrophe”, which Tlaib refers to in the Resolution as the “experience of uprooting, dispossession, and refugeedom” by Israel, which is “not only to a historical event but to an ongoing process of Israel’s expropriation of Palestinian land and its dispossession of the Palestinian people that continues to this day.”  Examining the real story behind this “catastrophe” will explain why the Palestinians are the only people in the history of the world to still be refugees four generations after they were initially displaced. 

Prior to the 1947 U.N. Partition plan, which sought to create two states, anti-Semitic attacks in Europe and Russia forced thousands of Jews to emigrate to their hisotrical homeland which was then known as Palestine.  This was not, however, a sovereign state, rather an area of land controlled by a wide variety of empires for two millenia, including the Ottomans and the British.  In fact, prior to 1948, the last sovereign state in that land was called Judea, and it maintained its sovereignty for 102 years.  From the expulsion of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple until May 15th, 1948, the land of Palestine was under the auspices of no less than 9 different ruling factions, none of whom thought much of the ancient Jewish homeland.  The word “Palestine” itself was merely the Romans adding insult to injury, renaming Judea after the historical enemies of the Jews; the Philistines.

In the time leading up to the declaration of the State of Israel, the army that would one day become the Israeli Defense Forces prepared themselves for the invasion that they knew was coming.  The Arabs living in the area knew it was coming as well, so they did what they were told to do – they got out of the way.  The Palestinian refugeee situtation was a crisis of their own making, because they assumed that the Arab armies of Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt would immediately wipe out all the Jews and they would return back to their homes, Jew-free.  They were repeatedly told this by their leaders.  “We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in,” said Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Saif. “The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down.”  The Jordanian newspaper Filastin admitted the same after the cease fire, “”The Arab States encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies.”  The “catastrophe” is that the Arabs failed in their mission to kill the Jews. All Arabs that remained in Israel became citizens with full rights.  Those who fled were left to the tender mercies of their new host countries.

After the war, the Arab refugees went to other Arab nations.  100,000 to Lebanon, 75,000 to Syria, 70,000 to Jordan.  280,000 went to the West Bank, which Jordan annexed, and 190,000 went to the Gaza Strip, which Egypt maintained military control of.  Not one of these Arab nations resettled these people.  By contrast, Arab nations expelled their Jewish population in droves, without the pretext of war in their lands, just expelled them outright.  Morocco expelled 260,000, Iraq 129,000, and so on.  This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of European Jews that were displaced after the Holocaust.  None of these people languished in camps and demanded they be returned to the homes that they still had keys to. They made their way to Israel, where a nation in its infancy – and still reeling from an existential war – resettled them and gave them full rights as citizens.

The Arabs kept trying to destroy Israel, telling the refugees in their countries not to worry, once all the Jews are dead, you can go home.  All of this was under the watchful eye of the United Nations, which created useless organizations to help facilitate the continued oppression of the Palestinian people by other Arab nations and their own leaders. When Israel won the Six Day War, they did not conquer Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; they conquered Jordanian and Egyptian lands that contained a Palestinian population that have been languishing in refugee camps for 2 decades at that point.  Unlike Jordan and Egypt, they did not annex this land and leave the refugees as second-class citizens.  The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) under Yaaser Arafat did not take this opportunity to declare a state and live next to Israel in a peaceful two state solution.  Instead they launched decades of terrorism against the Jewish people.

Israel attempted peace with the PLO, and later the Palestinian Authority (PA), many times over the years.  When land was offered, it was rejected and terrorist attacks were launched.  When land was given in Gaza in 2005, it became a safe harbor for Hamas and thousands of rocket attacks.  

The problems the Palestinian people face are numerous indeed.  They lack resources, jobs, education, and healthcare.  This is not the fault of Israel.  This is the fault of the decades of exploitation by Arab nations that used them as political pawns until they realized that Israel wasn’t going anywhere.  Now the Arab world is bored with the Palestinian “catastrophe” and is signing peace agreements with Israel to ensure their survival against an emboldened Iran.  Israel has become an economic and technological powerhouse with a military envied by nearly every other country in the world.  Yet the Palestinians are trapped in the past, blaming the Jews for the problems inflicted upon them by their own leaders.  

Tlaib’s parents emigrated to America and clearly infused their daughter with the falsehood that all the problems facing their people were the fault of the Jews.  The resolution she filed has nothing to do with facts, history, or correcting injustices.  It’s about using her position as a member of Congress to settle a vendetta that she has against the people who didn’t have the courtesy to get pushed into the Mediterranean Sea like they were supposed to.  Instead of using her power and position to actually help the people she claims kinship to, she uses it as a weapon against the Jewish State.  In doing so, she is as bad – if not worse – than the nations that refused to help her great-grandparents after 1948, and her actions will ensure that the Palestinian people continue to live in abject poverty for generations to come.  

Moshe Hill is a political columnist and Senior Fellow at Amariah, an America First Zionist Organization.

Moshe can be found at,, and

Harvard Student Newspaper Endorses The BDS Movement

 Originally published May 4, 2022

70 members of Harvard staff slam Crimson's BDS endorsement - The Jerusalem  Post

“That which stood for our ancestors applies to us, as well. For it was not only one individual who stood up against us to destroy us. Rather, in every generation they stand up against us to destroy us.”

This quote, said by Jews worldwide at the Passover Seder a few weeks ago, is accompanied by horrific imagery to anyone with a passing knowledge of Jewish history. The beautifully illustrated Katz Haggadah shows a haunting image of Abraham making a covenant with G-d, but in the smoke are images of all the generations that seek to destroy the Jewish people. Starting with the Egyptians, it includes the Babylonians, Romans, Crusaders, Cossacks, Nazis, and Arabs.

In the next edition, they should add another group, the one who strives to destroy the Jewish nation in this generation: the College Leftist.

The deranged mentality and bloodlust of the College Leftist was perfectly articulated in an op-ed by the Editorial Board of the Crimson, Harvard’s student newspaper, entitled “In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanction and a Free Palestine.” With all the subtlety of a blunt ax, the Editorial Board takes the straight-line Palestinian propaganda approach to compare Israel to Apartheid South Africa and endorse the complete and total destruction of the Jewish State. Whether they know it or not, they are calling for a second Holocaust.

The column begins with a mea culpa for the “past wrongs” of the Crimson Editorial Board. The “past wrong” they are referring to was a column written in 2002 entitled “Do Not Divest From Israel” with a sub-headline of “The comparisons to South Africa are offensive, repugnant, and detrimental to peace.” When Elon Musk tweeted the popular meme of the Left sprinting leftward while the Right stands still, this is a prime example of what he was talking about. In 2002, the liberals at Harvard agreed that “any comparison between today’s Israel and Apartheid-era South Africa is so fundamentally flawed as to be offensive,” pointing out that “the Israeli legal code does not discriminate against Arab Israelis the way that the Apartheid laws discriminated against black South Africans.” In the subsequent two decades, despite the fact that Israeli Arabs are now, for the first time, part of the governing coalition of Israel, the same Editorial Board (under new leadership), determined that “the tactics embodied by BDS have a historical track record; they helped win the liberation of Black South Africans from Apartheid, and have the potential to do the same for Palestinians today.”

The reasoning for this move was explained in the column; they have given in to the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC), claiming that “PSC has hosted informational programming, organized weekly demonstrations of support through ‘Keffiyeh Thursdays,’ and even installed a colorful, multi-panel ‘Wall of Resistance’ in favor of Palestinian freedom and sovereignty.” They make PSC seem like a benign organization, one that simply wants to raise awareness and promote peace in the region.

The truth is far more sinister. The PSC is not “dedicated to supporting the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, justice, and equality…,” as their mission statement claims. Instead, they are a down-the-line anti-Israel group, and their advocacy is not for a Palestinian state, but against a Jewish one. A cursory glance at their website proves this – not by what they say, but by what they don’t say.

If PSC were truly pro-Palestinian, they would at least acknowledge the actual day-to-day issues that Palestinians face and who is causing them. Issues like housing, poverty, healthcare, and other domestic policy issues, which all fall under the purview of the Palestinian Authority, would be first and foremost in achieving prosperity for Palestinians. The Palestinian unemployment rate was 26% in 2021. Israeli companies employ tens of thousands of Palestinians for a far higher wage than can be earned in PA-controlled territories, yet the PSC and the Editorial Board of the Crimson want those companies to be shut down.

What is missing from the PSC website? Their blog and public statements are devoid of any mention of the words “Hamas,” “Fatah,” “Arafat,” “Abbas,” or “Palestinian Authority.” According to the PSC, there is no governing body of the Palestinians; there are only the evil Israelis.

The aforementioned “colorful, multi-panel ‘Wall of Resistance’ in favor of Palestinian freedom and sovereignty” was on display during the annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” so any potential critics can be assured that the conversation would be balanced and nuanced. One of the panels was a display stating the word salad of “Zionism is Racism Settler Colonialism White Supremacy Apartheid.” Everything that Leftists consider evil, that’s what Zionism is. It’s surprising they didn’t have a panel that simply read, “Trump supports Israel.”

This is the group that convinced the Editorial Board to publicly endorse the BDS movement. There is no indication in the column that the Editorial Board took opposing viewpoints in arriving at this decision. In fact, editorial chair Orlee Marini-Rapoport bragged about the column on Twitter, stating that “I am an Editorial Chair @thecrimson. I am also Jewish. Yesterday, the Board overturned a decades-old precedent; for the first time, we announced our support of BDS. I encourage you to read our editorial. I’m so proud to be part of this thoughtful group.” Orlee is mistaken. To be a thoughtful group, thinking is a prerequisite. This is simply regurgitating Palestinian propaganda.

The Editorial Board also fails to distinguish what is “occupied Palestine.” In the column, they reference Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, both of whom refer to Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), Gaza, and East Jerusalem as the “Occupied Palestinian Territories.” If that is their definition, then the Editorial Board is as wrong as those organizations, given that Israel unilaterally left Gaza in 2005 and signed the Oslo Accords in 1994, giving Area A to the Palestinian Authority. It was the PA and Hamas themselves who made the decision to not declare a state, as Israel did in 1948, something they could have done at any point between 1967 and today. (For those who don’t know, from 1948 to 1967, Jordan annexed the West Bank and kept the Palestinians in refugee camps during that time. After the West Bank was liberated during the Six-Day War, Israel simply did not annex it, and the Palestinians could have declared a State in that region. Same is true with Gaza and Egypt.)

It is just as likely that the Editorial Board’s definition of occupied Palestine is “from the river to the sea.” Given that Jews cannot even enter a Palestinian-controlled area without fearing for their lives, if Israel becomes Palestine, it will be Judenrein. Jews will be exiled from their homeland or killed. Since a third of the world’s Jews live in Israel, this will be a second Holocaust.

The Editorial Board could easily be advocating for this, considering they defended people who openly did advocate this, like Marc Lamont Hill (no relation). In the column, the Editorial Board links to a column about Hill’s firing after he said, “Free Palestine from the river to the sea” and claims that he was fired because he “endorse[d] Palestinian freedom.” Apparently, there is no distinction between Palestinian freedom and Jewish genocide.

The Editorial Board tries to convince their readers that this decision has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. “In the wake of accusations suggesting otherwise,” they write, “we feel the need to assert that support for Palestinian liberation is not antisemitic.” When the implication is that the “liberation” is from the yoke of the evil Jewish occupiers, more than a simple throwaway line is necessary to prove that assertion. In areas under control of the Palestinian Authority, if a Palestinian sells land or a home to a Jew, it is considered high treason and punishable by death. When candy is handed to Palestinian children on the streets after a Jew is murdered by a terrorist, and streets are named after Jew-killers, the Editorial Board owes its readers far more than a simple “don’t call us antisemitic.”

The Editorial Board not only endorses the anti-Semitic BDS movement, they also claim that anti-BDS actions are “extraordinary abuses.” This included anti-BDS legislation that passed in 26 states, in which the Editorial Board claims that “Israel remains America’s favorite first amendment blind spot.” They claim that “Companies that choose to boycott the Jewish State, or otherwise support the pro-Palestine Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement, face legal repercussions…” If one were to read this literally, one would assume that companies could face fines or maybe even jail time for high-level executives if they dare endorse the BDS movement. The reality – and it’s a reality that the Editorial Board fails to grasp – is that the government has market power, and it chooses to not use its market power on companies that are anti-Semitic. It is doubtful that any member of the Editorial Board shed a tear when numerous Democratic cities boycotted Chick-fil-A because the owner is pro-traditional-marriage (which is not even a corporate stand).

The Editorial Board begins its conclusion with a startling admission: They are willingly blinding themselves. “In the past,” they write, “our board was skeptical of the movement (if not, generally speaking, of its goals), arguing that BDS as a whole did not ‘get at the nuances and particularities of the Israel-Palestine conflict.’ We regret and reject that view.” The view that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is nuanced is one to be rejected, and its regretful that previous Boards did not agree. For the Board, it’s far simpler to adopt the opinion that Israel is evil and the Palestinians are good! This way, they don’t have to grapple with the fact that they are endorsing a group that would happily see all Jews, including the Jewish members of this Board, at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

For years, decades in fact, many dismissed the radicalization of college campuses as a phase that students go through, and that these students will mellow when they reach “the real world.” This has not happened. With the infusion of radicalized college students, the corporations that they joined have increased in their radicalization, as well. This is seen in Big Tech, Hollywood, corporate America, newsrooms, and the government. The Editorial Board of the Crimsontoday are the industry leaders of tomorrow. Former Crimson staff members include Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, which has been known to ban opinions that they deem “misinformation,” and Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder of Airbnb, which decided in May of 2019 to ban listings in the “Israel Occupied Territories.”

Crimson staff members have gone into government, like Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Secretary of Transportation (and Presidential candidate) Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Richard Blumenthal. Of course, they have entered the media as well. The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC and many other legacy media outlets are filled with Crimson staff members. Former CNN President Jeff Zucker was once the President of the Harvard Crimson.

No one should expect the opinions expressed in the Crimson to stay there. Jew-hatred has gone mainstream because it’s wearing the more acceptable face of Palestinian advocacy. Do not ignore that hatred because it came from a student newspaper. Confront it everywhere it pops up its ugly head, because in every generation, it will.

Massive Leak Reveals SCOTUS Plans To Overturn Roe

Originally published May 4, 2022

What's next for abortion after Supreme Court leak? | AP News

 In a shocking revelation on Monday night, a leaker from inside the Supreme Court, likely a law clerk, sent a 98-page draft opinion to Politico.  This marks the first time in the Court’s 233-year and over 25,000-opinion history that a draft has been leaked.  The contents?  The highest court in the land is planning to overturn the landmark and controversial 1973 decision Roe v. Wade.

Immediately after the leak, barricades were set up around the Supreme Court.  Abortion activists started gathering and chanting obscenities to a building devoid of anyone besides security guards and janitors.  Pundits gathered on CNN and MSNBC wailing, weeping, and gnashing their teeth.  Democrats took to social media to claim that this is the end of democracy, the end of women, and the end of civilization as we know it.

Unfortunately, they are wrong.  The overturning of Roe will not make abortions illegal in this nation, despite the moral imperative for that to be the next step in the fight to prevent people from needlessly killing their unborn children.  What the decision actually does is revert the decision of abortion back to the states, where it should have been all along.  

This means that states like New York and California will still allow abortion – on demand, for any reason – until the point of birth.  California actually had to amend a bill on its legislative docket because the original version would have allowed abortions up until 28 days after a baby is born.  It will not change that there are plenty of places in this country where people can get abortions, unfortunately.  

It does mean that states can decide their own abortion laws, like they were always meant to.  Roe, despite being beloved by the Left, was a terrible decision.  As Justice Samuel Alito wrote: “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protect by any constitutional provision, including the one on which the defenders of Roe and Casey now chiefly rely – the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”  So states can determine if they want to make abortion illegal, and if the people of that state don’t like that, they can elect representatives to change the law and legalize it.  

The Left refers to this as a “threat to democracy.”

The Jewish community, which is largely liberal in bent the less religious it gets, has some outrageous opinions of their own regarding the nature of abortion in Jewish law.  In the Forward, a publication where the editor-in-chief herself has had two abortions, the reaction was outlandish, calling this era the “Dark Ages” and quoting the radical CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, Sheila Katz, who said, “Abortion is health care. Our Jewish values compel us to support full access to safe and legal abortion care as basic health care.”  

On the other side is the Coalition for Jewish Values, a group of over 2,000 Orthodox rabbis led by Rabbi Yaakov Menken, who took an actual Halachic approach.  “The Jewish Bible identifies human life as a soul placed (breathed) within a body by G-d Himself, with inestimable sanctity and value,” he wrote in a press release.  “That is the authentic Jewish view, as determined by Rabbinic texts and legal codes stretching back to Sinai.”

He continues, “We support Heartbeat Laws and other efforts to distinguish between tragic cases of abortion due to medical necessity, as compared to disregard for fetal life as simply the mother’s ‘choice.’ We hope that more states will be able to enact reasonable restrictions, and restore America to a posture of valuing all human life.”

The perverse notion that abortion is not only allowed by Jewish law but is also a Jewish value is a figment of imagination.  That is like saying that since Judaism has laws that allow capital punishment, it is a Jewish value for anyone to murder anyone else for any reason.  The notion is absurd. 

Yet this is not the last absurdity that will be on display over the next few months, both in the Jewish and non-Jewish world.  There will likely be a push from the Left to codify Roe into law on the Federal level or packing the Supreme Court (both of which would require nuking the filibuster, something that will not happen).  There will likely be rioting, death threats, and numerous other tactics that the Left employs (without consequence) to get their way.  

This fight is well worth having, because finally, a terrible decision from a half-century ago will become a historical footnote of a darker time in this country’s history, like the 58 years between Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education.  Americans should rejoice this decision, because it is a positive step towards a world where the murder of innocent children is less and less acceptable.

The Problem With Civility

Originally published April 27, 2022

 Well, they realized that it’s in their better business interest to go along with [insert Leftist cause here].  They don’t really believe this; they are just making money.  What’s the big deal?”  

This reply, or something similar, is the frequent answer given when the latest mega-corporation acquiesces to the cause du jour.  Black squares on social media to show fealty to BLM, rainbow flags in the month of June, and commercials that show men teaching their transitioning daughters how to shave their faces have become so common that it’s taken for granted how radical society has become.  

For years – decades even – those with Leftist, progressive views have insisted that everyone and everything around them share those views.  This is not a sudden phenomena.  Back in a 1994 episode of Seinfeld, Elaine adamantly refused to eat pizza from a particular restaurant because the owner contributed money to pro-life causes.  In the case of life imitating art, this method of activism has been adopted by the left to the extreme.

In 2012, Chick-fil-A came under fire because its Christian owners were against same-sex marriage (an opinion shared at the time by President Barack Obama).  They have since been banned from opening up locations at various airports and college campuses around the country because of this stance.  In 2014, the CEO and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich, was forced to resign because he opposed Proposition 8 in California.  During the Trump era, boycotts were called against Home Depot, Goya Foods, and MyPillow because their owners didn’t toe the anti-Trump line.

In none of these cases, however, were the corporations themselves the driving force behind the rhetoric.  The owners or higher ups had opinions, and those opinions did not reflect those of the corporation at all.  They made it clear early and often that was true.  It didn’t matter.  Like Paccino’s Pizza in Seinfeld, a business cannot be patronized if its owner doesn’t agree politically.

Compare this with the ads that Oreo recently put out, showing how accepting parents are of their son’s preferences in the face of the older generations’ assumed bigotry.  Or the Monopoly commercial that lambasted society for not having enough women inventors.  Or the Procter & Gamble commercial that pushed white guilt.  Or, of course, the Disney and Nickelodeon decisions to infuse children’s programming with socially-left values.  In all of these cases, it’s the corporation itself that is pushing the messaging, not just the opinions of one of the owners. 

Why do these corporations know they can get away with this?  Aren’t they aware that at least half of their potential customer base disagrees with this ideology? What happened to the famous Michael Jordan proclamation of “Republicans buy sneakers, too”?

The problem conservatives have had is civility.  Up until Trump came on the scene in 2016, Republicans had played defense on the cultural landscape.  Whenever the Left pushed a new norm, conservatives retreated – over and over again.  In that continuous retreat in the culture, conservatives lost Hollywood, the universities, Silicon Valley, Corporate America, and many more battlefields.  In many circles, it is more acceptable now to kneel for the flag than to stand for it.  On the highest court in the land, the latest Justice cannot say what a woman is.  It is unsafe for parents to put their kids in front of the television without wondering what they’ll be shown.  

Now that Republicans are finally fighting back, there are still many on the Right who are squeamish.  The latest example is a reaction to Florida Republicans, led by Governor Ron DeSantis.  After Disney, as a corporation, publicly opposed Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law – going so far as to say they would support court challenges to it – Florida Republicans decided they wouldn’t be civil.  When Disney CEO Bob Chapek wrote a letter reading, “Starting immediately, we are increasing our support for advocacy groups to combat similar legislation in other states,” they voted to strip Disney of the myriad of privileges it has in the state of Florida – privileges that allow it to save tens of millions of dollars in taxes per year and essentially act as its own autonomous country within the state.  Many on the Right saw this for what it is: a warning to all corporations that there is a price to pay for caving to the Leftist radicals that exist within your ranks. 

Yet still, there are countless Republicans who oppose moves like this.  Charles C.W. Cooke, writing for National Review,calls the move “an ugly and ill-conceived mistake, a blemish on DeSantis’s otherwise mostly excellent gubernatorial record.”  He’s not alone.  Republican think-tanks, who presided over the decline of Western civilization with nary a word to say about it, now are very angry at DeSantis for going up against Disney.

As columnist Josh Hammer wrote for Newsweek, this is the practice of “principled loserdom.”  Civility and cordiality are paramount in this mentality, not actually keeping the culture strong or prosperous for the next generation.  These are the people on the Right who scoff at Trump because he wasn’t presidential enough while he was out there leading the world to a (short-lived) era of peace and prosperity.  These are the people who stand in the way when conservatives protest statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson being removed in New York City.  This problem with civility grew exponentially during COVID, when people would allow themselves to be locked away from their families for a year, mask up for two years, and submit to every single rule and regulation promulgated by the authoritarian regime.  

Your civility is not your asset; it’s an advantage to those who wield it against you.  They will push, endlessly and relentlessly, counting on your manners to allow them to take every inch they can.  And when you push back, they lash out, calling you all kinds of names and demanding why you care so much.  Don’t buy it.  The era of civility is over.  Taking back the culture will be a long and arduous process, and it’s going to be very difficult.  Don’t make it harder by being polite to those who seek to destroy every value you hold dear.

Do Not Expect A Savior

Originally published April 13, 2022

That Day I Met Charlton Heston's Family At A Special Screening Of “The Ten  Commandments” | by Herbie J Pilato | Writers' Blokke | Medium

 As Pesach approaches, the story of the Exodus from Egypt will be told and retold many times.  The rich history of Moshe coming back to his people and, as G-d’s emissary, freeing them from bondage.  The Jews cried out for a savior for centuries before Moshe arrived, and when he did, they were freed.

That story, which is not only essential to Jewish history but well known worldwide, is deeply ingrained in our cultural psyche.  There is hardly a religion or culture that doesn’t have at least one Messianic figure at its root. It’s natural for everyone to believe that all problems, be it monumental like the enslavement of the Jewish people for hundreds of years, or comparatively miniscule like the freedom to say what you want on social media, will be solved by a savior.

That is how the world reacted to the news that Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest single shareholder.  The Right believed he was coming to rescue them, to undo all the suspensions and bans.  The Left believed he was demonic, coming to give voice to the people who are guilty of wrongthink, people like the former President. When Musk declined a Board seat, the rumors started anew, because there is now a possibility that Musk will not be constrained by the rules of the Board and could pursue a hostile takeover of the company.  

Even if it comes to pass that Musk reopens Twitter into the open platform it once was, American culture will not be saved because of it.  The problems that are endemic to our society will not wane so easily, because it will take more than one man – even the world’s richest – to fix them.  

The same fallacy occurs with politicians.  Trump is still viewed by many on the Right as a savior, as is Ron DeSantis in Florida.  The Trump administration did many things correctly, and he deserves credit for that.  The societal problems that we are having, however, are far greater than anyone can fix on their own.  We each must do what we can to save ourselves – not wait for the next great leader to deliver us to the promised land.

First, we must ensure that the massive government overreach that occurred during the pandemic can never occur again.  Still to this day, the government is mandating masking on planes and trains.  In New York City, toddlers must mask up.  Philadelphia is now reinstituting its indoor mask mandate.  The arguments against this have been hashed and rehashed over and again, but needless to say, this is lunacy.  

It’s been revealed that the public schools have become little more than indoctrination centers for Leftists. Little more, because their success rate in creating a generation of woke, America-hating Socialists has been far greater than increasing students’ math, reading or science scores.  The success of the Parental Rights Bill in Florida has led to clone bills in other states – although, if you need a law to stop you from talking to kindergarteners about adult relationships, you shouldn’t be a teacher anyway.  The fight to take back the schools should not be limited to public schools, though.  For far too long it’s been verboten, especially in New York, to discuss education dollars going to students instead of institutions.  This is the battle that must be fought.  The government school experiment has failed.  Parents should be in charge of where their child goes to school, and they should not have to pay double to do so.

And parental rights should not be limited to the classroom.  We have become far too complacent with what we allow our children to consume.  The Left has renormalized the culture into believing that traditional values – values that raised hundreds of generations before us – are not only out-of-fashion, but actually evil.  This must be fought with every fiber of our being.  That is not to say that we should not treat people with respect.  It is to say that we want to be treated with respect as well, and that our beliefs were not created by a PhD candidate in Gender Studies, but from a far Higher Power.

Which is why the ultimate lesson of the Haggadah, and the actual Pesach story, is that Moshe is hardly in it.  While historically we view Moshe as the savior (especially when he’s played by Charles Heston), religiously we know that only G-d can save us.  And as another forefather, Yaakov Avinu, taught us we must fight our own battles and prepare for everything. All of the aforementioned problems can be defeated, not by a savior coming down, but from all of us, looking up.

Moshe Hill is a political columnist and Senior Fellow at Amariah, an America First Zionist organization. Moshe has a weekly column in the Queens Jewish Link, and has been published in Daily Wire, CNS News, and other outlets.  You can follow Moshe on his blog,, and  

Dems Go All In On Gender Insanity

Originally published April 6, 2022


Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is set to be confirmed this week; after squish Republicans like Maine’s Susan Collins gave her the thumbs up, it is all but a certainty. While her confirmation hearings contained many blockbuster moments, the most lasting for our society was a simple question from Senator Marsha Blackburn: “What is a woman?”

The question, obvious to anyone on the planet prior to 2017, has become a battle-cry for the sane.  It is a question so simplistic that Matt Walsh, the podcaster and earliest-known asker of the question, was surprised that it took himself so long to posit it.  Once he did, he never stopped.  

Despite the biological facts that succinctly answer what a woman is, the left has been obfuscating said facts in favor of subjective self-realization to allow individuals to determine to which gender they belong.  For years, the silent majority of people chose the polite route: Say nothing about the issue because it has nothing to do with them.  This politeness was taken advantage of by the trans activists within a variety of institutions to overturn society with their disturbing and perverse worldview.

The most common lie they tell is that men can get pregnant. Back in 2019, it was only extremists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who would refer to “women and people who give birth” during a committee hearing on parental leave.  Now, supposed “moderates” like Grace Meng, who represents much of the Queens Jewish community, used the phrase “pregnant people” in a tweet about COVID-19 vaccinations.  These bookending incidents include many examples in between, including Apple emojis featuring pregnant men.  

Pregnant men emojis are part of a trend of large companies introducing transgenderism to younger and younger audiences.  This has occurred in children’s programming, where the Muppet Babies character Gonzo insisted on wearing a dress and being called Princess Gonzorella.  Last week, Christopher Rufo (who blew the lid off of Critical Race Theory indoctrination in public schools) leaked insider video of Disney execs planning to include more and more LGBTQ messaging into children’s programming.  

The insanity goes to the highest levels of government as well.  The Department of Health and Human Services flew a transgender pride flag outside its building last week, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement that the government would “continue to do everything in our power to protect the health care of transgender people, including access to gender-affirming care.” At the same time, the Department of Justice sent a letter to all state attorneys general saying that they are ensuring that “youth are not subjected to unlawful discrimination based on their gender identity, including when seeking gender-affirming care.”

Then, the Biden administration posted a fact sheet about “gender-affirming care.” For the uninitiated, “gender-affirming care” is the Orwellian term that was created to trick people into treating someone the gender they say they are, even if they are not.  So if your son comes home one say and says he’s a girl, calling him a girl is “gender-affirming care,” while saying that he’s a boy is “transphobic,” and you and your family are now pariahs of the federal government.  

On this “fact sheet,” the government claims that at any age or stage you should provide “social affirmation,” which is providing “gender-affirming hairstyles, clothing, name, gender pronouns, and restrooms and other facilities.”  The insanity is that the same people who say you don’t need long hair to be feminine are saying that a boy with long hair is a girl.  They also claim that this is simply “reversible,” as if years of allowing your son to wear dresses and makeup won’t have any emotional scarring or psychological damage.

The “fact sheet” goes even further, claiming that puberty blockers are reversible, downplaying the long-term effects of messing with the hormones that naturally occur during puberty.  They say that total surgery is acceptable in “adulthood or on a case-by-case basis in adolescence.” Just to be clear, the federal government, under the control of the Democrats, are advocating for children to get full surgery under the rubric of “gender-affirming care.”  The kicker is that the Biden administration also announced that they would start allowing “X” on passports in addition to “Male” or “Female.” 

The Democrats have decided to use their power to fight reality. If anyone thought 10 years ago, when Barack Obama was still firmly against gay marriage, that the election of 2022 would be about whether or not young children should be indoctrinated into believing they can change their gender on a whim, they would been sent to the asylum. Instead, the lunatics took over the asylum, and now we all live in it.  The only way to fight it is to firmly push back against Disney, Apple, and any other company that spouts this garbage.  And, of course, vote out people who push their dangerous ideology onto our children.