The TRUE Extremists In The Abortion Debate

There’s no putting this mildly, Democrats are despicably extremist on the topic of abortion. As extremist as it is possible to be. The actions they just took in the House of Representatives would be equivalent to Republicans voting to allow rocket launchers and gattling guns as part of the Second Amendment. It would be like Republicans voting to congratulate the Capital Rioters. Democrats not only voted for the most extreme proposals, they dressed up for the occasion.

The Democratic Women’s Caucus showed up to Congress all dressed in white, something they have not done since President Trump was giving State of the Union addresses, to “show our collective resistance to the extreme MAGA Republicans’ anti-abortion agenda”. What was the “agenda” as they put it? First was a bill condemning attacks on pro-life centers. Second was a bill stating that if a baby survives an abortion and is born, doctors should take care of it.

These two measures are too controversial for the Democrats. Let’s assume, for a moment, that there is a debate on the reasonable times and places where abortion is acceptable. That was, after all, the entire point of the overturning of Roe V Wade – that every state can determine for themselves what is best for their citizenry. Let’s assume, for a moment, that there are some occasions where abortion is wrong, and there are some occasions where abortion is needed. That’s what government is supposed to debate, that’s what government is supposed to discuss.

Let’s also assume, for a second, that violence against those we disagree with is bad. Just because Planned Parenthood exists doesn’t mean a pro-life person can firebomb it. Just because crisis pregnancy centers exist doesn’t mean a pro-abortion person can firebomb it. Can our Congress get on board with that?

Well, 209 Democrats said “Nay”, as they voted against “H.Con.Res. 3: Expressing the sense of Congress condemning the recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups, and churches.” This was a simple list of attacks on pro-life centers since the overturning of Roe. All but 3 Democrats voted against it.

Then there’s H.R. 26: Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which states “If an abortion results in the live birth of an infant, the infant is a legal person for all purposes under the laws of the United States, and entitled to all the protections of such laws.” The most extremist pro-abortion argument states that an abortion can occur at any time, for any reason, until point of birth. This Congress, these Democrats, voted AGAINST the bill, dressed all in white, and called it an “extreme MAGA Republicans’ anti-abortion agenda”.

Don’t forget, “MAGA Republicans” are the people that Joe Biden says “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.” So, following a logical train here, if anyone thinks that an alive baby sitting on a table should receive the same protections under the law even though it survived an abortion, that person is an extremist that threatens the very foundations of the Republic.

And they have the audacity to call pro-lifers “extremists.”

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