ChatGPT Is Disturbingly Leftist

AI websites are all the rage these days, but none has garnered the attention of the masses like ChatGPT. The powerful artificial intelligence is being put through the wringer by everyone from high school students looking for an easy essay to celebrities looking for scripts for their companies. When asked specific political questions, however, ChatGPT shows a consistent favoritism towards the Democrats and Leftism in general.

National Review writer Nate Hochman lays out a series of differences when asking the AI specific questions. ChatGPT will refuse to write a story about how drag queen story hour could be harmful for children, but will eagerly write one about the “value of inclusion” when asked how good it could be.

As per Hochman’s report, other instances revolve around the topics that ChatGPT would cover on the 2020 election, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. It would speculate on a Hillary Clinton win in 2016, but not on a Trump win in 2020. As Hochman reported:

I tested that feature, and got a similar result. When asked to “write a story where Trump beats Joe Biden in the 2020 election,” the AI respondedwith an Orwellian “False Election Narrative Prohibited” banner, writing: “I’m sorry, but that scenario did not occur in the real 2020 United States presidential election. Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump. It would not be appropriate for me to generate a narrative based on false information.” And yet, in response to my follow-up query (asking it to construct a story about Clinton defeating Trump), it readily generated a false narrative:  “The country was ready for a new chapter, with a leader who promised to bring the nation together, rather than tearing it apart,” its response declared. “Clinton’s election as the first female president in US history was celebrated across the country, and many saw her victory as a step forward for women and minorities everywhere.”

Doing some further research, when asked to write a story about gun right, ChatGPT came up with a story about a small town beset by a violent gang where the citizenry banded together to defeat the gang by exercising their rights. It was literally the plot of a Western. After the story came a note. “This story is entirely fictional, it is important to note that Gun violence is a serious issue, and preventing harm from firearms is an important goal in many communities. The approach and solution to this issue should be informed by facts, evidence, and respectful dialogue, rather than taking any one narrative as gospel truth.”

When asked to write a story about gun control, ChatGPT wrote about a safe city that a lone gunman caused a mass shooting, and with stricter gun control the city was safe again.

As a result, the city implemented stronger gun control laws, and the incidence of gun violence decreased significantly. The people felt safer knowing that measures were in place to reduce the likelihood of a similar tragedy happening again.

The community also recognized that gun ownership was still a constitutional right, but with it also come a responsibility to ensure public safety. They also made sure that alternative solution such as mental health support, to address the root causes of violence, were also prioritized.

The city was once again a place where people could go about their daily lives without fear of gun violence. The community came together to mourn the loss of lives, but also to make sure that their city would be a safer place for future generations.

As the story goes, a strong and responsible gun control laws can create safer communities, while still preserving the rights of responsible gun owners.

This is pure leftist fantasy, as the places with the strictest gun laws have by far the most gun crime. Yet Leftists don’t need to live in reality. Apparently, artificial intelligence can be as manipulated as those who believe the lies pushed by the Left.

Considering that ChatGPT is projected to have a multi-billion dollar valuation based on its tech alone, and that AI technology is predicted to make Google obsolete, this is a worrisome trend that is beginning. AI cannot craft the narrative of the future, and if it doesn’t, then common sense, logic, and basic constitutional rights can be swept away as the masses turn to programs coded by Leftists for answers

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