Can Religious Jews Moderate Democrats In Albany?

Originally  Queens Jewish Link  JANUARY 11 2023 

Since taking full control of the state in 2019, New York Democrats have gone full throttle in turning the Empire State into a doppelganger of California – only with fewer beaches. The result is rising crime, the highest per capita taxes, the highest per student spending, and a massive exodus of residents from our state.  The number of Socialists in the Democratic Party is rising, so there is little chance of the party slowing down.

It’s a rule of thumb, though, that the more religious you are, the more politically right you are.  This has been disproven so often that it may be completely invalid, unfortunately, as those who claim to be good Catholics, like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, are also the most vocal proponents of abortion.  Yet in Judaism, this has not been completely disproven yet.  So it may bring independents and moderate Democrats some hope that Simcha Eichenstein, Assemblyman from Brooklyn, was named the Assistant Majority Whip by Speaker Carl Heastie.  

Simcha Felder

“I am proud to have appointed Assemblymember Simcha Eichenstein to serve as Assistant Majority Whip for the Assembly Majority,” said Assembly Speaker Heastie. “He is a valued member of the Assembly and will be an asset to our leadership team. It is critical to me that our team be representative of the communities we serve, and I look forward to working with Assemblymember Eichenstein to lead New York forward in the term ahead.”

Eichenstein was one of the few Democrats to vote against the Reproductive Health Act in 2019, same as Simcha Felder, a State Senator representing Brooklyn as well.  Yet Eichenstein, Felder, and Daniel Rosenthal from Queens are merely three voices in the large party that makes up the Democrat majority.  In the same party, there are eight socialists who are looking to pull the Democrats even further leftward than they already are.  

The guiding principles of the modern Democratic Party are far more aligned with socialist doctrine than what the party was even 15 years ago.  Far leftists are working to have taxpayer funding for abortions, outlaw drug and alcohol tests on pregnant mothers and newborns, use taxpayer funds for immigration lawyers for those here illegally, and other extreme measures in the name of “tolerance” and “equity.”

Meanwhile, Kathy Hochul is cribbing from Lee Zeldin’s homework, as her inaugural address centered on keeping people in New York and lowering the crime rates, twin pillars of the Zeldin platform.  Hochul, who ran on protecting abortion and Trump, is now willing to talk like a Republican to increase her own popularity.

This is a common tactic among Democrats.  Joe Biden, in his State of the Union, chanted “Fund the Police,” when he and many other Democrats campaigned on the opposite during the 2020 campaign. California Governor Gavin Newsom declares that his state is the freest in the Union, claiming that freedom is the guiding principle of California. Newsom sounds like a constitutional conservative on the stump, but governs like an authoritarian communist. 

The Democratic Party only wants freedom on its own terms.  To Democrats, freedom means freedom to abort, freedom to transition your children, freedom to come to this country illegally, freedom to demand the product of labor that wasn’t yours because the true evil is the corporation that made the product.  Freedom as expressed in the Bill of Rights – including the right to disagree with the government, with the scientific elites, and with the tolerant left – doesn’t apply.  Freedom to keep and bear arms, to have due process, or to have states’ rights are also forbidden.

Religious Jews in Albany are more moderate in both rhetoric and voting history.  They stood against Covid craziness and have been vocal opponents of cashless bail, seeking exceptions for hate crimes.  Yet they need to form a block with other moderates in the Assembly and Senate, which will undoubtedly include many Republicans.  They can enact many of the common-sense legislation from other states, like Arizona’s school choice program, or Tennessee’s ban on child mutilation surgeries.  These are bills that can be both beneficial to the state and popular.  

Daniel Rosenthal

The leftist lunatics have run the asylum for too long.  Moderates need to act.

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