Understanding Jewish Self-Hatred

Originally published October 26, 2022


 Author’s Note: To Rabbi Schonfeld: Ask and ye shall receive. To everyone else: If I ever get my act together enough, I will complete the book I’ve been working on for the past 18 months. Until then, here is an excerpt.

“Woe to those who say of the evil that it is good and of the good that it is evil – who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).


The greatest misnomer that the Jewish groups who vitriolically attack the Jewish state receive is that they are “self-hating Jews.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The Jews in these groups are in love with themselves and their Jewish identities. The only thing they hate is Judaism.

To be a self-hating Jew, you would have to eschew your Jewish identity. This occurred many times throughout Jewish history – a prime example occurring in the 13th century. Dominican Friar Pablo Christiani, a Jew who converted to Christianity, wanted to prove beyond a doubt to the King of Spain that he was no longer a Jew, so he volunteered to debate the eminent Jewish scholar of the day, Moshe ben Nachman (Nachmanides). The Disputation of Barcelona, as it was called, lasted for five days.

This is not what the Judaism-hating Jews desire. Their entire identity is wrapped in a cloak of Judaism. They perverse Jewish rituals like prayers for the dead and use them for terrorists. They mock the end of Sabbath by inviting politicians who need token Jews to wrap their arms around to a service that is religiously forbidden. They need their Judaism, because it makes them special.

In the modern Left, your value is determined by your placement on the intersectional hierarchy. Intersectionality is a word coined by Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989. In her definition, discrimination is so rampant that one person can be discriminated against for multiple reasons, like a black woman would be discriminated against for her race and gender. The intersectional hierarchy deems that the greatest victims are those who have the most intersectional qualifications. In a society where the more victimized you are, the more value you have, having intersectional characteristics is the coin of the realm.

American Jews mostly emigrated from Europe, so they are Caucasian in appearance. There is nothing worse in the intersectional hierarchy than white skin. The bottom of the hierarchy is the straight white male. As a people who have suffered oppression throughout our history, Jews have some currency (but not much, as they are generally successful in America). So, a white skinned leftist could climb the victim ladder by being Jewish.

This is why the Judaism-hating Jews cannot accurately be described as “self-hating Jews.” They cannot hate themselves or their ethnic Jewish background, because that’s their ticket into the Leftist clubhouse. Otherwise, they’re just a bunch of white people, and would have to resort to becoming a member of the LGBTQ community to gain entrance (although, many do, which allows them to climb ever higher). Want to know if you’re dealing with a Leftist who needs his or her victim status to make a point? If they begin every argument with the words “As a…” and then state their self-assigned identity, odds are you’re dealing with an intersectional believer.

So, what do they hate about Judaism? Judaism is the religion of the Jewish Nation. The Jewish religion directly contradicts the religion that the Judaism-hating Jews are a part of: Leftism.

In 2018, conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who is Jewish, expounded on psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl’s idea that the one thing that mankind finds fulfillment in is meaning. “The greatest provider of meaning for the vast majority of human beings has been religion,” Prager writes. But as religious observance has dwindled down, particularly amongst intellectuals, where can one go to find meaning? If biblical religion won’t work, then that must be replaced by secular religion.

For a time, intellectuals could find solace in communism. After all, communism worked on paper, and that’s where intellectuals live – in the theoretical. The moral evil of stealing one’s labor to redistribute to another didn’t matter to the intellectual, because the fruits of their labor is intangible. Intellectuals aren’t the ones coming home covered in coal dust and joint pain.

After communism failed, where could the intellectuals turn? “The answer was to create another left-wing secular religion,” says Prager. And that is what Leftism is: a secular meaning-giver to supplant Christianity. Left-wing religious expressions include Marxism, communism, socialism, feminism, and environmentalism.

This is the true religion of anti-Israel Jewish groups. Their claims of “what Judaism is” is antithetical to what Judaism actually is, but it matches up perfectly with the Leftist worldview.

“Judaism and Christianity hold that people are not basically good. Leftism holds that people are basically good. Therefore, Judaism and Christianity believe evil comes from human nature, and Leftism believes evil comes from capitalism, religion, the nation-state (i.e., nationalism), corporations, the patriarchy, and virtually every other traditional value.

“Judaism and Christianity hold that utopia on Earth is impossible – it will come only in G-d’s good time as a Messianic age or in the afterlife. Leftism holds that utopia is to be created here on earth – and as soon as possible. That is why Leftists find America so contemptible. They do not compare it to other nations but to a utopian ideal – a society with no inequality, no racism, no differences between the sexes (indeed, no sexes), and no greed, in which everything important is obtained free.

“Judaism and Christianity believe G-d and the Bible are to instruct us on how to live a good life and how the heart is the last place to look for moral guidance. Leftists have contempt for anyone who is guided by the Bible and its G-d, and substitute the heart and feelings for divine instruction.” (Prager)

The practice of the Jewish religion, and the participation in the Jewish nation, is antithetical to the Leftist religion. Judaism is seen as a patriarchal, misogynistic, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-socialist relic of the past. This is why so many of these Jewish Leftist groups try to redefine Judaism, just as Leftists redefine terms every day. Ask a Leftist for a definition of the word racist, or woman, and they would be stumped. Same thing with Judaism.

This extends to the Jewish state. The idea of a Jewish state forces a Jewish Leftist to confront the inherent contradiction between their given nationality and their chosen religion. Judaism and Leftism are incompatible, and the realities of having a Jewish state force Leftists to confront that contradiction.

Multiculturalism is a key component to Leftist ideology. They obfuscate the issue under the guise of “acceptance” and “tolerance,” but essentially, the idea is that all cultures are the same. If a culture is “dominant” in a particular area and that culture is too low on the intersectional hierarchy, like Jews in Israel, it must be dismantled. If a culture is dominant but that culture ranks high in the intersectional hierarchy, it gets a pass. A perfect example are the Arab Muslim nations that surround Israel.

In the United States, Muslims are considered a victim group, even after 13 Muslims committed the attacks on 9/11 and countless more committed numerous terrorist attacks in the West. Some, as a reaction, began to profile Muslims. The Leftists in the media exaggerated the increased threat Muslims came under in the early 2000s. On a per capita basis, Jews have always been victimized of crime because of their religion at a far greater rate than Muslims, even in the years immediately following 9/11. However, the perception is that Muslims are a victimized group. Therefore, their countries do not need to be dismantled and they are not subject to boycott movements and accusations of apartheid (more on that below).

Jews, however, are not considered a victimized group in America unless it’s politically convenient. When Tree of Life Synagogue and Chabad of Poway are attacked by white shooters, it’s politically convenient for the Left to attack white supremacy and guns. When dozens of attacks on Jews are perpetrated by Black people in New York, the media largely ignores it. “If anti-Semitism bypasses consideration as a serious problem in New York,” said The New York Times in October 2018, “it is to some extent because it refuses to conform to an easy narrative with a single ideological enemy. During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far-right-wing group.”

It has become less and less politically convenient for the Left to defend the State of Israel. As a Jewish state, it’s too low on the intersectional hierarchy to be given a pass, like Muslim countries. Even when Israelis are killed by terrorists – a rarer occurrence than decades ago with the addition of a wall on to the East and Iron Dome in the West – the Arab/Muslim assailant is on a higher rung on the intersectional ladder than the victim.

This is an endless conflict between the religion of Leftism and the Jewish Nation. Jewish Liberals wrestle with it, trying to play both sides, but Jewish Leftists have forgotten their Nation in favor of the Leftist religion.

Their Leftist religion is fraught with true anti-Semites, and those enemies of the Jewish people love to hold up the Judaism-hating Jews as props to prove that their problem isn’t with the Jews, it’s with the State of Israel. However, their thinly veiled facade of anti-Zionism is easily torn away to reveal what it truly is: anti-Semitism.

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