Dems Go All In On Gender Insanity

Originally published April 6, 2022


Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is set to be confirmed this week; after squish Republicans like Maine’s Susan Collins gave her the thumbs up, it is all but a certainty. While her confirmation hearings contained many blockbuster moments, the most lasting for our society was a simple question from Senator Marsha Blackburn: “What is a woman?”

The question, obvious to anyone on the planet prior to 2017, has become a battle-cry for the sane.  It is a question so simplistic that Matt Walsh, the podcaster and earliest-known asker of the question, was surprised that it took himself so long to posit it.  Once he did, he never stopped.  

Despite the biological facts that succinctly answer what a woman is, the left has been obfuscating said facts in favor of subjective self-realization to allow individuals to determine to which gender they belong.  For years, the silent majority of people chose the polite route: Say nothing about the issue because it has nothing to do with them.  This politeness was taken advantage of by the trans activists within a variety of institutions to overturn society with their disturbing and perverse worldview.

The most common lie they tell is that men can get pregnant. Back in 2019, it was only extremists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who would refer to “women and people who give birth” during a committee hearing on parental leave.  Now, supposed “moderates” like Grace Meng, who represents much of the Queens Jewish community, used the phrase “pregnant people” in a tweet about COVID-19 vaccinations.  These bookending incidents include many examples in between, including Apple emojis featuring pregnant men.  

Pregnant men emojis are part of a trend of large companies introducing transgenderism to younger and younger audiences.  This has occurred in children’s programming, where the Muppet Babies character Gonzo insisted on wearing a dress and being called Princess Gonzorella.  Last week, Christopher Rufo (who blew the lid off of Critical Race Theory indoctrination in public schools) leaked insider video of Disney execs planning to include more and more LGBTQ messaging into children’s programming.  

The insanity goes to the highest levels of government as well.  The Department of Health and Human Services flew a transgender pride flag outside its building last week, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement that the government would “continue to do everything in our power to protect the health care of transgender people, including access to gender-affirming care.” At the same time, the Department of Justice sent a letter to all state attorneys general saying that they are ensuring that “youth are not subjected to unlawful discrimination based on their gender identity, including when seeking gender-affirming care.”

Then, the Biden administration posted a fact sheet about “gender-affirming care.” For the uninitiated, “gender-affirming care” is the Orwellian term that was created to trick people into treating someone the gender they say they are, even if they are not.  So if your son comes home one say and says he’s a girl, calling him a girl is “gender-affirming care,” while saying that he’s a boy is “transphobic,” and you and your family are now pariahs of the federal government.  

On this “fact sheet,” the government claims that at any age or stage you should provide “social affirmation,” which is providing “gender-affirming hairstyles, clothing, name, gender pronouns, and restrooms and other facilities.”  The insanity is that the same people who say you don’t need long hair to be feminine are saying that a boy with long hair is a girl.  They also claim that this is simply “reversible,” as if years of allowing your son to wear dresses and makeup won’t have any emotional scarring or psychological damage.

The “fact sheet” goes even further, claiming that puberty blockers are reversible, downplaying the long-term effects of messing with the hormones that naturally occur during puberty.  They say that total surgery is acceptable in “adulthood or on a case-by-case basis in adolescence.” Just to be clear, the federal government, under the control of the Democrats, are advocating for children to get full surgery under the rubric of “gender-affirming care.”  The kicker is that the Biden administration also announced that they would start allowing “X” on passports in addition to “Male” or “Female.” 

The Democrats have decided to use their power to fight reality. If anyone thought 10 years ago, when Barack Obama was still firmly against gay marriage, that the election of 2022 would be about whether or not young children should be indoctrinated into believing they can change their gender on a whim, they would been sent to the asylum. Instead, the lunatics took over the asylum, and now we all live in it.  The only way to fight it is to firmly push back against Disney, Apple, and any other company that spouts this garbage.  And, of course, vote out people who push their dangerous ideology onto our children.  

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