WATCH: Pelosi Uses Formula Crisis To Hit GOP

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On the latest episode of A Hill With A View,  we go through how Nancy Pelosi and her media operatives try to trick the American people into thinking that Republicans are against baby formula.  Here’s what really happened.  



The House passed two bills related to the baby formula shortage, neither of which are really going to accomplish anything; but one of which was designed to make Republicans look bad ahead of the midterm elections.  


It’s a purely political move that the media operatives of Nancy Pelosi are more than happy to help her out with. 


After the passage of both these bills, nancy Pelosi tweeted out “The baby formula shortage is about hungry children and anguished moms. That’s why Democrats acted to deliver formula  safely and swiftly to families. 


And yet – after days of  scapegoating, when they had a chance to help, 192 House Republicans said NO.  This is who they are. -NP


She signed it NP so everyone knows these were her words, not some social media intern in her office


Putting aside the irony of Pelosi caring about children and moms after 2 straight weeks of pushing for abortion on demand for any reason…lets take a look at the bill she’s talking about…the one that 192 Republicans voted against.  


The bill is House Resolution 7790…and what it does is give $23 million to the food and drug administration for “salaries and expense”.  Can anyone tell me WHY the FDA needs $23 million?   What they’re going to do with this money?  How an additional penny of funding will help with baby formula?


For context, the FDA, for fiscal year 2022, has $6.2 billion in funding.  Billions and millions are just words for congress, with no real meaning behind them.  But given that the federal government has spent more money in the last 2 years than is possibly fathomable, which caused the inflation crisis we’re in now, its time to finally start scrutinizing the money they are spending.


The media don’t think so.  Vanity Fair headline “192 REPUBLICANS DECIDE THEY’D LIKE FORMULA-SEEKING PARENTS TO KEEP SUFFERING”  Washington Post – democracy dies in darkness, headlined, “Nearly 200 Republicans vote against bill to ease baby formula shortage.”  Because why go for accuracy when you have sensationalism.


What they won’t tell you is that another bill was passed yesterday with overwhelming bipartisan support.  House Resolution 7791 declared the emergency, put a timeframe on health and human services to address it.  It passed 414-9 in the house and unanimously in the Senate. 


Now, this bill doesn’t really do anything either, but most republicans play the political game, knowing that voting against this is a bad look come re-election time.  the 9 republicans who voted against it don’t play that game.  


So we’re all used to being lied to by now, and its no surprise that the “every crisis is an opportunity” Dems would use starving children to gain a 10th of a point in the congressional polling.  but that doesn’t give us an excuse to be ignorant of the truth.


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