Trump Honors Fallen Officer; Biden Honors Himself



By sheer force of will, the tragic murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller has been brought into the national spotlight.  This is not because the death of an officer in the line of duty is anything that the media wants to talk about – especially in New York – but rather because former President Donald Trump attended the wake.

CNN may have shown some of their hatred for Trump by referring to the attendance as a “sideshow,” but outlets like theirs and the New York Times could not argue with the massive show of support Trump received in deep-blue New York for attending the wake.  New Yorkers are rightfully fed up with the crime that has been imposed upon them by the liberal Democrats in Albany. 

This murder was easily avoidable, as the suspect, Guy Rivera, is a career criminal.  Rivera, according to the New York Times, “has 21 prior arrests, including on charges of first-degree robbery, attempted assault and selling drugs to an undercover police officer” and was “arrested on a gun charge last year” and “has also spent seven years in prison for first-degree robbery and attempted murder.” Only in New York can someone with that lengthy a rap sheet be allowed on the streets.  

Trump wasn’t the only President to visit New York that day.  A few miles away, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama joined President Joe Biden for a massive gala fundraiser featuring glitz, glamor, celebrities, and performers.  The event, which was closed to the media, grossed $26 million for the Biden campaign, a fundraising record.  

What Biden did not do is acknowledge in any way the loss suffered by the NYPD, who had many of its members undoubtedly protecting him on his fundraising trip.  The only indication that Biden had anything to say about the tragedy is when his Press Secretary Karinne Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden expressed condolences to New York City Mayor Eric Adams.  There is no indication of whether Biden called the widow or other family members of Jonathan Diller. It seems that he went from New York City back on vacation (which is what he’s done for 40% of his presidency).

In 2020, Biden ran as the “empathy” candidate. Forbes’ headline of “How Empathy Defines Joe Biden” in August of 2020 became the rallying cry for the campaign.  It was then, and is now, a lie.  The media is trying to, once again, paint Biden as this deeply empathetic creature, but in reality, he’s like every other politician: always out for himself and his own interests.  The empathy facade was shattered when he was looking at his watch during a ceremony for the 13 dead service members who were killed during the Afghanistan pullout.  The only thing this did was remind everyone that Biden does not care about anyone but Biden.

Biden also enraged tens of millions of Christians this weekend by declaring Sunday, March 31, as “Trans Day of Visibility.”  Sunday was also the Easter Holiday, arguably the holiest day in the Christian calendar.  While the days may have coincided this particular year, there was zero need for Biden to celebrate the former.  He went much further than that, however.  He and his administration posted multiple messages proclaiming how wonderful trans people are, with little to no mention of the contributions the Christian community has had in the entire history of America.  Christians are a footnote for Biden because he is not trying to win their votes like he is with those who claim to be LGBT.

Trump has been criticized endlessly for not caring, being an egomaniac, and for only trying to enrich himself by running for President.  Trump has not made it easy for his defenders, and he himself has earned his reputation.  At the same time, Trump does inherently care deeply about law enforcement (yes, even the Capitol police officers who were assaulted on January 6).  Everything he has said and done has proven that time and time again. Trump also, for all his flaws, has incredibly high levels of support from the Evangelical Christian community.  These groups understand that Trump is not a perfect character – far from it – but he has their backs from the predations of the woke Left.  Their support may just be enough to send him all the way back to the White House this November. 

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