What the End of Title 42 Means

The word is out, the borders are open, and it is only going to become more porous in the coming days.  The Mayor of El Paso declared a state of emergency after video emerged of five thousand migrants crossing into his city.  The end of Title 42 is coming, which coyotes and smugglers are counting on to get more people into the country. Meanwhile, the media is too busy blaming republicans for talking about this. 

Title 42 was put in place by President Trump to help keep illegals out under the excuse of Covid.  While it was a clever use of federal authority, it was never going to be a permanent fix.  In fact, President Biden tried to lift Title 42 months ago because the Covid emergency was “over”, even though he had to forgive all student debt because of the Covid emergency.  

Since Biden came into office, a reported 5 million illegal immigrants entered the United States, and will likely be here indefinitely.  While the media has claimed since the Obama era that there are 11 million people in this country illegally, the number is likely far higher than that.  How high it goes is anyone’s guess, as the 2019 Supreme Court barred the Trump administration from asking if the respondent was a citizen on the last Census.  

Biden’s open door policy regarding the Southern border is common knowledge, well before he took the Oath of Office.  In a 2019 debate, Biden said, “[Illegal migrants claiming asylum] deserve to be heard. That’s who we are. We’re a nation that says, ‘You want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.” In 2020 he promised to close down detention centers for illegals.  He said he wouldn’t deport anyone for the first 100 days of his presidency.  He said illegals should get government funded health care.  If there’s an extreme position to be taken on the border, Joe Biden has taken it.  

That’s what makes it so infuriating when Martha Raddatz blamed Republicans for the border crisis when interviewing Texas Governor Greg Abbott.  Raddatz said: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard President Biden say, ‘We have an open border, come on over,’ but people I have heard say it are you, are former President Trump, are [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis. That message reverberates in Mexico and beyond.” basically telling Abbott that talking about the problem that Joe Biden caused actually causes the problem, and if no one talked about it, it wouldn’t exist. 

That notion is laughable on its face.  At the end of the day, illegal border crossings are actually happening to the tune of thousands per day, millions per year.  Let’s say Raddatz is correct, and the border is secure and DHS Secretary Mayorkas claims it is, then wouldn’t the people who are walking two thousand miles because Republicans told them it was okay be turned away at the border?  Wouldn’t they say to the few reporters who actually bother to cover this catastrophe that they came because Greg Abbott or Ron DeSantis told them to, as opposed to what they really say, which is a big thank you to Joe Biden?  Is she insinuating that migrants believe that the border is less secure when Republicans are in charge, which is why border crossing always peaks under Democratic control?

Maybe the migrants heard about the fact that the Biden administration is suing Arizona for piling up shipping containers as a makeshift border wall.  Maybe they saw a video of all the Martha’s Vineyard residents patting themselves on the back for seeing an illegal that wasn’t actually trimming their hedges and thought, “maybe I can go there!”  Maybe they saw Chuck Schumer encourage more illegal migration because domestic birth rates are so low.

No, it can’t be any of that.  The migrants must be watching Tucker Carlson while they’re grabbing a quick bite to eat in Panama City.  He keeps saying the border is open, so they just keep coming.

To date, Biden still hasn’t even visited the border, and VP Kamala Harris, who is still the official border czar of the administration, essentially made a stopover at the airport for a photo op.  Harris has been closer to the border of North Korea than she has been to the border of Mexico.  So they can’t even pretend to care about what is happening down there, which is spreading throughout the country.  New York City claims it can’t handle the flow, yet they won’t rescind their “sanctuary city” status.  Instead, Mayor Eric Adams asks for a billion dollars in funding from the federal government to help with an expected 30,000 migrants.  That is roughly the same number that hits El Paso every 6 days.  

Don’t expect any serious solutions, because they are not serious people.  Even Joe Manchin, who is one of the only Democrats willing to even mildly criticize the Biden administration, said that Biden is tying Mayorkas’s hands on the border, “They need to unleash him, let him do his job,” he told Face the Nation. “That’s what I have said before and I’ll say it now.”

When the suggestion of building a border wall is scoffed at for years, they willingly say that they couldn’t care less about this crisis.  That’s because they want as many illegals in the country as possible.  Illegals clean their houses, watch their kids, and vote for them.  This isn’t about compassion or humanity, it’s about power.  

The only thing that will stop the massive migration of illegals into this country is if all Hispanics suddenly started voting Republican.  Then the Biden administration would step in extremely quickly.  

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