The Democrats’ G-d Complex

 Originally published December 15, 2021

Obviously, Governor Kathy Hochul doesn’t read the Queens Jewish Link, because she just doubled down on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s garbage policy.  Until January 15, 2022, all businesses must require everyone to wear a mask while indoors unless they have a vaccine mandate. Putting aside the insanity of this policy, it actually shines a light on Democrats’ mentality: They think they (and government in general) have G-d-like powers to control anything they want.  

COVID is the epitome of this thought process.  As Joe Biden famously said in October 2020: “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country.”  Fourteen months later, the opposite came true: The economy is in shambles, with inflation at its highest point in almost 40 years, and the number of people who have died of COVID is greater under Biden than it was under Trump.

This is because, despite his saying to the contrary, Biden cannot “shut down” the virus. He can barely convince people to get a vaccine that is proven to substantially lower hospitalization and death. This isn’t because of Trump supporters or Fox News; it’s because he has completely destroyed any semblance of credibility the government had left. For those who scoff at the notion it’s not Trump’s fault for low vaccine rates, check the statistics in other Western countries or blue states.  Similar numbers exist everywhere, and if you insist on blaming Trump, you ascribe the same G-d-like powers to him that Democrats do to themselves.  

Instead of opening up the country, letting people make their own healthcare choices, and getting “back to normal,” Democrats like Biden and Hochul have resorted to threats and insults. Back in September, Biden said he’s “losing patience” with the unvaccinated. Hochul places blame for her policies directly on the unvaccinated. “I want to thank the more than 80 percent of adult New Yorkers who have done the right thing to get fully vaccinated,” she said. “If others will follow suit, these measures will no longer be necessary.” The unvaccinated, in short, are the enemy.

This is a blatant lie. Even if the vaccination rate in New York were 100%, there would still be a case spike, because this is the nature of the disease, and Hochul would be demanding boosters, and then blame the case spike on the unboosted population.  They have played this game throughout the pandemic, because they know that a large percentage of the population (if not a majority) will comply with whatever edict they impose.

It’s all a part of the Democrats’ G-d complex.  The efficacy of masks or viral transmission among the vaccinated is irrelevant; the science and data itself is irrelevant.  The only relevant factor in their decision-making is power.  If the government imposes more of its power on the individual, then the policy is good. Otherwise, the policy is bad.

This is why the media endlessly disparaged Governor Ron DeSantis when he refused to use the power of his office to impose restrictions on his citizens when Florida had a spike over the summer.  He wasn’t “doing enough,” even though what he was doing was making a responsible decision for his state based on multiple factors – something every leader should do.  When states with Democratic governors have spikes, like we currently see in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and Maine, the media doesn’t care.  That’s because they’re taking away the freedoms of their citizens, which is the “right” thing to do.

For years, the media and Democrats have given G-d-like powers to the government. Another consistent example of this occurs during extreme weather events, like the one this past weekend in Kentucky and other states.  The immediate and obvious reaction from the Democrats is to blame climate change, and to blame GOP Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.  “All I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impacts as a consequence of the warming of the planet and climate change,” Biden said without evidence. “The specific impact on these specific storms, I can’t say at this point.”

“Sorry Kentucky,” former writer for “Late Night with David Letterman” Noel Scovell tweeted. “Maybe if your 2 senators hadn’t spent decades blocking legislation to reduce climate change, you wouldn’t be suffering from climate disasters. If it’s any consolation, McConnell and Rand have [expletive] over all of us, too.”  Scovell later deleted the tweet, but the idea is ingrained within the liberal mindset that government can fix everything.  This is how they approach housing, gun crime, and nearly every aspect of American life.  More government will fix all the problems. 

According to Democrats, government is G-d.

This has never been proven to be true. Government, despites its intentions, usually ruins anything it tries to fix (with some notable exceptions).  Compare Hochul’s mandates with a tweet by one of her Republican challengers for governor, Congressman Lee Zeldin.  “I reject the liberal groupthink that COVID leadership right now is to instill fear & panic about Omicron, punish the unvaccinated, mask everyone back up again, discard & disrespect freedom, segregate society, & focus less on development & distribution of treatment options.”

Now that Attorney General Letitia James has dropped out of the governor’s race, the Democratic nominee will likely be Hochul. So if New Yorkers view the government as G-d, then they’ll elect her, because they think she can perform miracles. However, if New Yorkers finally begin to see that everything the government touches turns to lead instead of gold, they’ll change course and elect someone who will get out of their way. 

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