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 Originally published October 28, 2020


(The opinions expressed below are those of the author and are not an endorsement by the Queens Jewish Link of any candidate.)

The 2020 election season is nearly over, with early in-person voting already underway. It’s been an exhaustingly long year, and given the unpredictability of the mail-in voting, we already know that we won’t know who the next President will be on election night. Everyone must go and vote, in person, as soon as possible. And when you vote, vote for President Donald J. Trump.

The positives of Trump’s first term are too numerous to count. He headed up the strongest economy the country has ever seen. He destroyed ISIS. He stopped Russian aggression into Syria and Ukraine. He has pushed the Korean Peninsula closer to peace than they have been for 70 years. He facilitated the USMCA. He passed tax cuts. He signed the First Step Act. He signed the Right to Try Act. He removed the Obamacare individual mandate. He nominated three conservative Supreme Court Justices and dozens of other Federal judges. He cut bureaucratic red tape. He facilitated energy independence while simultaneously lowering carbon emissions. He stabilized the healthcare market. During his tenure, the stock market continuously broke records. He’s lowered drug prices. He fought the opioid epidemic. He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the Middle East. He expanded VA services. He secured more funding from NATO countries. Of course, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, recognized the Golan Heights, pulled out of the disastrous Iran Deal, expanded protections for Jewish students on college campuses, and put forward a peace deal with the Palestinians.

The negative of Trump is mostly his rhetoric. He is loud, braggadocios, hyperbolic, and rude. He counterpunches with a vengeance, and is too nice to his complimenters. His administration has had a lot of turnover. He golfs a lot. He’s difficult to take seriously. He is, in short, a flawed vessel of fantastic policy for the country and the world.

The world needs policies, not personalities. Good policy from the Oval Office is far more important and long-lasting than bad rhetoric on Twitter. When manufacturing jobs are coming back due to lower taxes and cut regulations, the blue-collar worker isn’t upset that Trump tweets in all caps. When the Ukrainian people have the means to defend themselves against Putin, they aren’t wishing that Obama was back to sound nice and take away their defensive capabilities again. When terminally ill patients have the chance to try experimental drugs, they don’t worry that Trump goes off-teleprompter at his rallies. When seniors look at their grown retirement portfolio, they don’t concern themselves with Trump’s tee times.

Now let’s take a look at his competition, embodied by Joe Biden but, in reality, consisting of Kamala Harris and the news media. First, the Trojan Horse Biden is no perfect vessel for anything. He spent decades in the Senate sowing division on the Judiciary Committee, threatening to cut aid to Israel, and buddying up with segregationists. He has condoned, and possibly participated in, family members using his name to get rich, and opening up his office to those who pay his son and brothers. He completely rejects his one decent legislative accomplishment, the 1994 Crime Bill. He is known to reach across the aisle, but when questioned during the last debate why he didn’t accomplish criminal justice reform as Vice President, he claimed “we had a Republican Congress.” (This was not true. The Democrats had both Houses in 2009 and 2010, and the Senate until 2014.) He has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for the past 40 years, including going to get Osama bin Laden. He swaps policy as soon as the political wind is against him. He took three months to condemn the summer of violent rioting and looting, and then refused to condemn Antifa and BLM by name. He did not take the initiative to reach out to Democratic colleagues to stop said violence or convince people to mandate mask-wearing, as he said he would do once elected. His consistent message for decades has been, “I’ll get to it later.” This is not the mark of a leader.

Kamala Harris, who will be the 47th President prior to 2024 should Biden win, is a radical leftist. She supports Medicare For All, elimination of private healthcare, free healthcare for illegal immigrants, gun bans, abortion on demand, the Green New Deal, wants to “re-imagine” policing (translation: defunding the police), pack the Supreme Court, end the legislative filibuster, and calls anyone who stands against her sexist and racist. She has stood by these positions long enough to be politically inconvenient, then flipped them when it became inconvenient; that way, she can play to both the Socialist Left and the liberal Democrats who still cling to the dream of a Bill Clinton era of governance. There is no telling how she will govern, which makes her untrustworthy.

The media’s credibility is all but gone. They will not report on Joe Biden’s alleged corruption nor opine on his obvious cognitive decline. They will not push Kamala Harris to hold press conferences. They will only focus their powerful microscope upon Trump. It should not bother anyone that the media holds Trump accountable, as that is their job. However, when they fail to do so for Democrats, they fail all Americans, regardless of party. The media has claimed that President Obama had a “scandal-free administration,” yet, it has been discovered that in actuality, Obama’s DOJ pushed through false warrants to spy on Trump in 2016, yet they don’t report that nor question Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden. The media has stirred up controversy where little to no evidence existed by creating scandals with Russia, Ukraine, and now COVID (by asserting that every death is due to the President’s negligence). Our President is campaigning against the media as much as he is against his opposing party.

When walking into the voting booth, people tend to focus on the person, not the policy. Trump’s policy and accomplishments speak for themselves. Joe Biden’s lack of consistent policies, coupled with a radically left-wing Vice-Presidential candidate and a media that will not hold them accountable for their failures, speak for themselves, as well. These policies are good for America, good for the world, and have proven themselves to deserve a second term.

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