Larry Miller’s Independence Day Tradition

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In the divisive era of modern politics, it is important to celebrate the unifying factors of American culture.  In a July 2018 episode of “The Adam Carolla Show, actor and comedian Larry Miller (10 Things I Hate About You, Road Hard) spoke about such a factor.   Showing that there are those in Hollywood who know how to honor and celebrate our country and the sacrifices made to become the freest nation on Earth, Miller told the story of what he does on July 4th. 

“I had arranged with one of my kids, who’s staying with us after his freshmen year, and I said to him the night before, “you know what?” We used to do this, my wife and I, we took the kids when they were little, we went, I took him to the local National Military Cemetery and we, you park there and you walk; and its empty by the way, there’s not a person there, not a flag there, there’s nothing there, but you go around, its not my family or friends there, but you go around to every grave you can go around to.  Ten, Twenty, thirty graves and you look at them and you learn something about this guy and where he was killed and you can say thank you, hi, I hope you’re ok, and say a little prayer.  And you know what, my kid got it.  You don’t spend the whole day there, you spend 45 minutes or an hour, you go to a lot of different graves, but when you leave you really feel that you’ve done something for these guys.  They have a saying over there on a big plaque that says “they sleep with valor”.  And you know what, I think they do.”

Adam Carolla, a noted libertarian atheist known as “The Podfather”, responded with the affirmation that we would all be much happier if you learn to appreciate the sacrifices that were made and lamented the fact that, as a nation, many look at that activity as “corny, or passé, or bygone-y”.

Larry Miller is most well known as the father in 10 Things I Hate About You and is a regular guest on The Adam Carolla Show.   The full episode can be heard below, with Larry Miller’s story at the 43:34 mark.

Happy Independence Day!

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