Big Tech Censorship: Reddit Quarantines ‘The_Donald’

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Reddit has Quarantined the popular subreddit ‘The_Donald’, a pro-Trump forum.  This comes on the heels of multiple Silicon Valley censorship of conservative and right-wing channels and media sites, most notably YouTube’s removal of ads from Steven Crowder and the Project Veritas whistle-blower from Google. 

According to a post on the subreddit, the Quaratine is due to “repeated rule-breaking behavior in your community and an over-reliance on Reddit admins to manage users and remove posts that violate our content policy.”  Essentially this boils down to a forum unwilling to abide by the rules of the platform that they utilize, so the platform shuts them down.  

Upon entering ‘The_Donald” users will have to opt-in to continue to see its content.  Additionally, the customized page that the moderators of the subreddit made for their subscribers will be reverted back to the default Reddit settings. 

“The_Donald” is one of the largest subreddits by statistics.  While it ranks 296 in total subscribers (over 750,000) it ranks 14 on comments per day (over 14,000) and 15 on Posts per day (nearly 2,500 average). 

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