Biden’s Latest Betrayal



Are there any excuses left for the pro-Israel Biden voter? Aside from either complete ignorance of the facts or an intractable hatred for Donald Trump, how is there any justification to vote for Joe Biden if the US-Israel relationship is a top-five issue for you?  Biden’s utter and complete betrayal of the lone Jewish state has moved from the normal inept stupidity we’ve become accustomed to from this administration to downright evil.

Joe Biden is the shield between Israel and Hamas.  Joe Biden is the force that is keeping hostages from coming home. Joe Biden is telling Hamas that they do not need to negotiate.  That is what Joe Biden is doing. Joe Biden is also giving terrorists around the world the playbook they need to ensure that they stay in power and get as many civilians killed as possible.

Hamas spent the better part of two decades preparing to be invaded.  They embedded themselves deep within the civilian population of Gaza – a civilian population that not only put them into power in the first place, but also heavily supports them.  When hundreds and hundreds of aid trucks are being sent to those civilians, Hamas hijacks them.  When new crossings are opened for aid to go through, Hamas shoots at them.  When the Americans build a pier for crossing, Hamas attacks it.  When Hamas lies about civilian death tolls, those numbers are parroted by the media and Western governments.  

Despite all of this, Israel was willing to deal with Hamas.  Terms were simple: release hostages and surrender, then fighting will stop.  Hamas countered with: no release of hostages, no surrender, and fighting stops.  Israel went into Rafah.  The world declared that Israel rejected a ceasefire deal.  Biden stops arms shipments to Israel. 

That’s the series of events as it played out in real time.  There’s another series of events that was revealed later.  Biden approves of the stoppage of arms shipments, but decides to wait a week until that’s publicized.  Why?  Because Biden had a very important speech to give on Holocaust Remembrance Day on how important it is to stand by the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

The gravity of how sick that is unfathomable.  Joe Biden needs Jewish support for his re-election effort.  He also needs young voters. Biden has no convictions or morality.  He is a political animal through and through, which makes sense since he’s been in elected office for longer than ~70% of this country has been alive (yes, that’s a real statistic).  Whatever the “center” of the Democratic Party is, that’s what Biden pushes.  That center is now aligned with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.  

“President Biden enforcing conditions on US military aid and holding the Israeli gov to the same bar we hold all our allies to is the responsible, secure, and just thing to do,” AOC wrote on X. Sanders cheered Biden’s decision, and went even further. “Over the years the U.S. has provided tens of billions in military aid to Israel,” he said. “We must make it very clear: an invasion of Rafah means an end to all U.S. military aid to Netanyahu’s right-wing, extremist government. Period. End of discussion.”  These are the voices of the mainstream, not the fringe, Democratic Party.  

Immediately after it was revealed that Biden stopped these shipments, Hamas walked away from the negotiating table.  Why wouldn’t they?  They already got what they wanted. Joe Biden is working very hard to make sure that Hamas stays in power.  Hamas doesn’t care about dead civilians; they never have.  The only bargaining chip they have are the hostages, but Biden told the world months ago that the hostages didn’t matter when the U.S. abstained from the U.N.’s ceasefire resolution that didn’t call for the release of the hostages as a precondition to ceasefire.  

Hamas must be laughing even harder when Biden spokesperson John Kirby goes out there to “both sides” of this conflict, as if there is any moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas. “It’s going to take a little bit of moral courage on both sides to finally be able to come across that table and ink this deal,” Kirby said.  Moral courage?  From Hamas?  The same Hamas that broke through a border, murdered 1,200 Israelis, and kidnapped 250 more?  That Hamas?  

It gets even worse.  Reports over the weekend from the Washington Post claim that Biden withheld key intelligence reports on the location of Hamas senior officials from Israel to use as a bargaining chip against Israel’s invasion of Rafah.  So Biden decides, in his infinite wisdom, to withhold the locations of the terrorist leaders of Hamas and the smart bombs needed to take out those terrorist leaders, forcing Israel’s hand to go into Rafah to take out those leaders, thereby getting more Israeli soldiers killed, more Gazan civilians killed, more infrastructure destroyed, and a prolonging of the war that is costing Biden his election.  Genius move, Joe.  

(Side point: The United Nations quietly put out a report cutting the civilian death toll in Gaza in half.  So all of the talking points used by the Jew-haters when they took Hamas’ numbers are null and void anyway.  But that never really mattered, did it?)

Biden’s decisions have moved from the stupid to the evil.  He is literally too dangerous to win re-election.  If this is the state of the world after three-and-a-half years, imagine how much worse it can get.  Yes, it can get worse.  If Biden is re-elected, that is a certainty.  

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