Petty Or No Charges For Bridge Blockers



To celebrate the 3-month anniversary of the mass slaughter of Jews in Israel, Hamas-supporting protesters blocked three bridges and a tunnel in rush hour traffic on Monday morning, the first full work week of 2024.  The NYPD claims that over 325 were arrested, yet reports coming out Tuesday morning claim that many were released without charges or with petty misdemeanors.  

Video captured outside of the lockup shows a large crowd of over a hundred people cheering every protester that was released.  Released Hamasniks received hot pizza and coffee from their Marxist comrades and were sent home.  According to “independent journalists” who protested alongside the arrested, “charges have so far been misc. disorderly conduct violations (obstructing vehicular traffic, failure to disperse, etc.) as DATs (Desk Appearance Tickets).” This is less than a slap on the wrist.

For those who didn’t see what happened, on Monday morning, a group of protesters in New York organized under the theme of “Shut it Down for Palestine” carried out a disruptive demonstration, managing to shut down all three Lower Manhattan bridges to Brooklyn and the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey. This action, part of a larger movement, aimed to cause “inconvenience” for daily commuters and drew attention to their cause. The protesters have been engaging in similar disruptions since 2020, with the tactic gaining momentum during the George Floyd protests. 

Such actions go beyond the protection of free speech and assembly, violating laws by obstructing roads, transit, and sidewalks. The disruptions, often coordinated through social media, not only inconvenience people but also pose risks, including delaying emergency vehicles and potentially leading to confrontations between frustrated motorists and protesters. 

Lack of police response to these protests in New York is by design.  In September of 2023, the NYPD has agreed to a legal settlement that fundamentally changes its approach to handling demonstrations, particularly banning the controversial tactic of kettling, where protesters are boxed in and then arrested. The settlement, prompted by a lawsuit from New York’s attorney general Letitia James over alleged abuses during the George Floyd protests, imposes a tiered system of de-escalation before deploying officers and appoints a high-ranking executive to ensure compliance with the new rules. 

New York actively sides with terrorists over citizens.  Yes, calling the people who terrorize civilians by blocking bridges and tunnels for commuters “terrorists” is not hyperbolic.  Democrat City Council Member Robert Holden, co-chair of the mostly Republican Common Sense Caucus said in a statement, “These reports of anarchists shutting down tunnels and bridges are totally unacceptable. We MUST NOT allow this terrorism to continue. Swift and decisive action is needed. Arrest and prosecute them NOW!”

These protesters deserve to be arrested, charged, prosecuted, and jailed to the fullest extent of the law. They are illegally obstructing roads, transit, and sidewalks. Such actions violate the First Amendment, as it protects speech and assembly but not the unlawful obstruction of public spaces.

Not doing so only invites more disorder and chaos, and that will lead to violence between protesters and commuters.  Anyone who has driven a car knows how quickly road rage can occur, and it’s likely that drivers will become so enraged that they take matters into their own hands.  One viral video showed a father getting out of his car and shoving protesters out of the way before being allowed to pass.  It’s not unprecedented for shootings to occur.  This past November, a driver angry at a climate protest in Panama ended up shooting two people blocking the roads.  

The NYPD needs to have its hands uncuffed, and begin cuffing these pro-Hamas protesters.  It cannot be allowed in any society that spoiled brats shut down a city for hours at a time and get away with little to no punishment.  If it is allowed, imminent, and deserved, societal collapse will soon follow.   

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