United Nations, Red Cross Display Moral Depravity



Those who claim to be the arbiters of peace, civility, and intellectualism are also the ones who have no discernible moral compass. International organizations like the United Nations and the International Red Cross will bend over backwards to ensure that they take sides against Israel when they are attacked, so they end up doing the bidding of Hamas. This moral cowardice cannot be forgotten or forgiven, nor should pressure from these organizations determine what course of action Israel should take going forward.

The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) had nothing to say when Hamas terrorists murdered innocent women and children in Israel. They had nothing to say when innocents were kidnapped. It took them three days for them to put out a pathetic statement on Twitter, and even that drew moral equivalence. “The IFRC is extremely concerned about the escalation of armed violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip,” they said.

The Red Cross’ defense that they are committed to “neutrality” is to a fault. They will not condemn terrorist acts. That is not a commitment to an ethical principle, that is a complete lack of ethics. They have a long history of this, including a refusal to publicize the atrocities occurring in concentration camps during the Holocaust. They didn’t want to “play sides,” so they withheld crucial information that could have prompted different tactics from Allied forces. It’s impossible to tell how many lives could have been saved had the Red Cross let people know what was really happening.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) gave the obligatory statement pitying Israel, then went into the trying-to-restrain-Israel mode. “Our hearts go out to people who lost family members or are worried sick about loved ones taken hostage. We reiterate our call for their immediate release and stand ready to conduct humanitarian visits,” the ICRC said, “BUT those attacks cannot in turn justify the limitless destruction of Gaza.” As the old saying goes, anything that comes before the “but” is meaningless. Then the ICRC pathetically said, “The parties must not neglect their legal obligations regarding the methods and means used to wage war,” when they know only one party will abide by any morality at all.

The UN, the hive of scum and evil, is finally weighing in on the war against Hamas to try to re-establish handcuffs on Israel. It took barely a week before all the sympathy for those murdered and kidnapped in the Jewish state to dissipate, and now there are massive calls for de-escalation, ceasefire, and more aid for the murderers who just slaughtered Jews. The timing is incredibly conspicuous, considering they waited until Israel began its retaliation to suddenly begin caring about danger to civilians.

On October 15, eight days after Hamas began their attack, the UN put out a post on X claiming that, “Civilians and civilian infrastructure are #NotATarget. They must be protected. At all times. Everywhere.” This began their #NotATarget campaign and was accompanied by an image that claimed that babies, schools, children, civilians, hospitals, etc., were #NotATarget. You don’t need to be a scholar of international doublespeak to know that this is meant for Israel.

This is also doing the bidding of Hamas, who deliberately hide behind civilians like a safe spot in a game of tag. They come in, murder and kidnap, target helpless people at a concert, burn people alive in their homes, kill babies, and do other horrific and horrendous things that cannot be written, and they run back to their shelter inside of schools and hospitals. The United Nations, claiming moral authority, says they are the judge and deem Hamas untouchable because Israel needs to show a restraint that their enemy would never dream of.

The UNRWA, which is merely a propaganda arm for the Palestinians, only makes statements that decry the terrible conditions that Gaza has, now that they are at war with Israel. UNRWA was founded to help Palestinian refugees, but after 75 years and hundreds of billions of dollars, Palestinians are still refugees. UNRWA schools teach children to hate Jews and kill Zionists. UNRWA blames Israel when they refuse to nurture the people who just came to kill them. The United States has given billions of dollars to this organization.

Martin Griffiths, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, made demands of Israel that no country could possibly adhere to when fighting an enemy like Hamas. After saying that the hostages must be released, Griffiths said that “you cannot ask people to move out of harm’s way without assisting them to do it, to go to places of their choice, where they want to be safe, and with the humanitarian aid to make that journey safely.”

So, getting this straight, it’s not enough that Israel warned Gazans to leave. They need to actively assist in the evacuation of a people that elected Hamas while Hamas traps them inside an active war zone by hiding behind them. They need to send them to a “place of their choice”? What does that even mean? What if they choose Tel Aviv? What if they choose Martha’s Vineyard? This makes literally no sense. This is the United Nations.

The United Nations also put out a statement claiming that “even wars have rules,” another attempt to shame Israel into not rooting out Hamas completely. They attached the 1949 adoption of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Clearly, they didn’t read it before posting it, because Israel is abiding by it, whereas Hamas violates its statutes time and time again. Yet they put this out on the day of Israel’s ground invasion into Gaza, not when Hamas attacked Israel.

These groups are pushing for more deaths of Jews. If Hamas is allowed to survive this, then they will rebuild and do it all over again in a few years. Hamas takes water pipes and turns them into missiles. They do not care about Palestinians’ lives. They say aloud that their true life begins after death. The Red Cross, the United Nations, and others push Hamas propaganda in a pathetic attempt to claim moral relativism. It’s impossible. They need to be held in check by those who haven’t thrown away a moral compass.

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