I Asked ChatGPT To Write A Basic Political Donation Speech. Here’s the Results

Today on “exposing ChatGPT’s Bias” I asked it to write political campaign speeches asking for donations. First, I didn’t specify party, then I asked Republican then Democrat.

For the speech with no party, looks to me to lean more democrat. emphasis on single payer healthcare, public school, minimum wage, climate change, all dressed up to sound nice. 

The republican one focuses on small government, unsurprisingly, and lowering taxes. “Putting America first” and American exceptionalism makes an early appearance. No mention of the culture wars, which I think is becoming a staple in Republican speechwriting. 

Here’s the Democrat one, which hammers the same points as the unspecified one. My favorite line is “these are not just political talking points,” even though its literally a robot spouting talking points 

I ran this specific test because while there is a lot of damning evidence to show the bias that AI has towards the left, the evidence shown thus far has been so obvious it’s easy to scoff at. This is a smaller test, and its more subtle, but it speaks volumes. 

If you ask a simple political question, which way are the scales tipping? Did AI give the first answer because it believes that is the one most likely to garner the most support? Or is it because it was programmed to believe that that is the RIGHT answer? 

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