Democrats Shill For Secretive Federal Law Enforcement and Big Corporations

Republicans are gaining new confidence in their recently acquired power to conduct their own investigations in the House of Representatives.  Committees to determine the extent of collusion between government institutions and private social media companies, as well as the politicization of seemingly non-partisan entities, are being undermined by Democrats who used to think that oversight on such entities was fundamental.

Democrats spent most of the last 2 years investigating January 6th, unsuccessfully attempting to link former President Donald Trump to the people who broke into the Capitol.  Considering the entire series of events was played out on television and online, there was no basis for the Committee to be formed.  When Nancy Pelosi would not allow Republicans who would actually investigate the security failures that led to the break-in it was obvious that the committee would be partisan.  When the committee hired an Executive Producer from ABC and put the hearings on Prime Time with the blessings of the networks, we knew that the corporate media was in on the partisanship.  And when the committee members admitted that any recommendations they made to the DOJ were “symbolic”, we knew it was all a waste of time.

So now it’s the Republicans turn to play with the gavel, and understandably they are using that power to investigate grievances that no one on the left is interested in looking into.  The most prominent of which is, of course, Twitter.  When Elon Musk took over twitter, he allowed several journalists to review internal documents for the purpose of revealing what occurred before his acquisition.  The only catch was that whatever they found and published would be published on twitter first.  

The Twitter files outlined the dangerous relationship between the FBI and Twitter, which led to the banning of accounts and the reduced disseminations of important stories.  The key story that Twitter banned was the New York Post’s bombshell on Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020.  This was the “October surprise” that, according to polling, would have turned the election in key areas in Trump’s favor, but it was deliberately banned by Twitter under advisement by the FBI.  

Leading the charge was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was recently made the Democrat’s number two on the House Oversight committee (yet people still pretend she’s a fringe voice that shouldn’t be paid attention to on the Left). Ocasio-Cortez is certainly leaning into her role, which is to create viral clips to spread around social media.  That’s why she wears huge glasses, emphasizes every other word like she’s William Shatner, and gesticulates with her hands and her head.  Her job is to sow enough misinformation and lies into the rank and file Democratic voter to give them reason and excuses to keep voting Democrat.  So she refers to Hunter’s laptop as “alleged” and that Republicans “dragged a social media platform” before Congress and “weaponizing” the Oversight Committee.  She is playing defense for a multibillion dollar company to protect her own Party’s interests.

AOC may have been overshadowed in the craziness scale by newcomer to the House Robert Garcia.  Garcia is the former Mayor of Long Beach, California, and has overseen that once lovely community turn into a literal cesspool of homeless tent cities.  He was also the Member of Congress who chose to be sworn into the House on a Superman comic book.  

Garcia actually used his time to thank Twitter for censoring information during the pandemic.  “But I especially want to thank you for your work around the pandemic,” he said. “Your decisions and content moderation actually saved countless lives in this country. including the work you did by moderating or Banning members even of this committee who peddled in lies and were actively causing death and harm to others and so for that work on content moderation I want to thank you.” So not only is he not interested in learning how Twitter banned free speech (which he took an oath on Superman to protect), he praises a multi-billion dollar company for banning that speech.  

This isn’t the only committee that Democrats are using to protect their interests over the American people’s. Recently, the House Republicans created a new subcommittee on the weaponization of the government, which has received criticism from Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland. During the inaugural hearing of the subcommittee, Mr. Raskin accused the committee of being formed to support Trump’s 2024 candidacy. He also mentioned the remarks made by subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan at a conference, where he said that investigations were to “frame up the 2024 race when I hope and I think President Trump is going to run and we need to make sure that he wins”.

Raskin was the lead impeachment manager during Trump’s second impeachment trial and sat on the January 6th Committee. So he knows what he’s talking about when he accuses a majority of using its power to conduct partisan investigations into their political enemies.  He’s an expert at that.  

What was the committee’s hearing about that made Raskin so upset?  There were two FBI whistleblowers who were coming to testify that the Bureau had become highly politicized over the course of the past few decades under the direction of Robert Mueller and James Comey.  Remember, Mueller was the hero of the Democrats for years when he was the special prosecutor against Trump, and Comey was the man who leaked the Steele Dossier to the media despite the fact that it was 100% false. Raisin wants to protect this organization at all costs.  

If someone made a bet ten years ago that the Democrats main focus on Capitol Hill was protecting Big Corporations and Federal Law Enforcements violations of civil liberties, Vegas oddsmakers would be tripping over themselves to take that money.  Today, its standard practice for the Democrats to be in the pockets of these entities, because they are one in the same.  They protect the Leftwing status quo, regardless of how much it harms the rest of us.  

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