Biden’s SOTU Was A Joke

Joe Biden is a joke. His State of the Union address was so full of lies, deceit and deception that he was openly booed by the GOP and laughed at. The Democrats are so pathetic that they cheered for literal gibberish. The world saw that the leader of this once great nation is feeble, tired, and unable to get through a speech, let alone lead the free world.

Biden got off to a bad start, even in his introductions. After referring to Chuck Schumer as the “Minority Leader” (he’s not), he went into the greatest hits of half truths and outright lies. He touted his jobs record pretending that he came into office at the start of a recovery, and his policies has done everything to slow that recovery down. Yes, the job numbers are back to pre-covid levels, but who was President when those levels were originally achieved? The notion that Biden helped it along in any way is laughable. 13 of the top 15 states with the lowest unemployment numbers are run by Republicans. America is getting back on track, but on the shoulders of Republican governors.

Then he decided to bring up January 6th, not for the last time of the night. He used the old standby of “democracy faced its greatest threat since the Civil War.” It’s incomprehensible that women and black Americans are not enraged by this line. Between the end of the Civil War and January 6th, 2021, there were large periods where women and African Americans could not vote. Jim Crow laws were in place in many states a century after the Civil War. That seems to be a threat to democracy. However, this president never took these issues seriously, that’s why he can callously claim that voting laws in Georgia (which makes voting easier than his home state of Delaware) are “Jim Crow 2.0”.

Biden talked about his legislative “accomplishments” of the last Congressional term. Yes, a LOT of legislation, major legislation, was passed and signed. However, if the legislation was harmful to America, let’s say it caused the worst inflation crisis that the nation has seen in 40 years, then is it really an “accomplishment”? He talks about the bipartisanship because he wants to show how he’s a unifier. This is the same man who was bathed in bloodied last September calling everyone who didn’t vote his way enemies of democracy and the gravest threat the nation has ever know. So much unifying!

The next part of the speech was the best, because he discussed how America used to be great, and recently became not great. He literally was a half a sentence away from saying that we need to “make America great again,” but he couldn’t. The same thing happened later in the speech, when he insisted that the supply chain should start in America and that federal contractors should be required to buy American. He nearly said, “America First,” but once again could not. Biden was cribbing off the Trump playbook, but refused to use the terms that Trump coined.

Then the night started getting rowdy, because the GOP wasn’t taking any more from Lynn’ Biden. Biden announced that he would veto any proposed cuts from the GOP to Medicare and Social Security. He either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that Kevin McCarthy went on record vowing that those are off the table in the debt ceiling negotiations. Biden accused a majority of Republicans anyway. The entire Right side of the room openly booed Biden and his lies, to which he had no response except pretending to be flabbergasted that the Republicans don’t want this. “Look it up,” he kept saying, “come back to my office and I’ll show you the proposal.” Biden clearly had multiple paragraphs in the speech devoted to this, because he was stammering throughout the next part of the speech, and tried to change topics.

So he goes after the oil companies, blaming them for the high gas prices that began in his administration. He even brings up a story of a meeting he had with oil executives. he said they shouldn’t worry, because we’re going to need oil for another decade. The GOP openly laughs at him. The pathetic accidental comedy of that sentence is twofold. First, that we’re 10 years away from becoming independent from fossil fuels. Second, that an oil executive would make a huge investment in a refinery or a drill site if the President is telling you that oil will be obsolete in 10 years. Both of these notions are laughable, and the GOP let him have it.

The Republicans were starting to get confident now, and essentially heckled Biden throughout the rest of his speech. Biden pushed the lie that police indiscriminately kill black people, claims that only parents of black children talk to their kids about what to do during a traffic stop. He shouts to ban assault weapons. The GOP gets restless throughout all of these. But it really hit when Biden started talking about the border.

Biden says we need to secure the border, and you can hear murmuring throughout the chamber. Everyone in the room and at home knows that Biden . Biden jumps topics to abortion, which gets a huge applause from the Democrats, showing where their priorities are. Biden brings up the scourge of fentanyl. There is audible shouts of “shut the border” and “it’s your fault.” The Democrats start murmuring, but they can’t say anything because it’s completely true.

The best part about this is the claim afterwards by the sycophantic media who cry about decorum. This is the same media that cheered for Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech, which was a pre-planned movie. This is the same media that lauded the Democratic women for wearing all white and shouting at Trump. There is no decorum. Any claim otherwise is pathetic.

And pathetic is truly the word that best describes that speech. Because Biden cannot claim that the State of the Union is strong without sounding like a complete fool, he instead has platitudes like “the soul of the nation is strong, so the state of the union is strong.” The should have the nation IS strong, Mr. President – but that is despite your best efforts, not because of them.

The end of his presidency cannot come soon enough.

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