Joe Biden Is A Criminal

Originally published  Queens Jewish Link  JANUARY 18 2023 

The first time classified documents were found in Joe Biden’s possession, it was funny.  The second time, it was ridiculous.  The third time, it is infuriating.  Joe Biden is guilty of everything the Democrats have been accusing Donald Trump of, except he didn’t have the excuse of being President when the documents were taken.

As previously stated, an argument between a President and the National Archives over “who is holding documents when” is akin to an overdue book at the public library.  That is what made it so insane when the FBI raided the home of the sole person who has the power to declare that a library book is no longer a library book. You know who can’t declare that? Literally anyone else in government or civilian life, including the Vice President. 

When the first batch of documents was released, CNN put out a graphic that might as well have been pulled straight from the White House. CNN’s tweet claimed there are “key distinctions” between the Biden and Trump cases with classified documents.  They list the number of documents, cooperation with the National Archives, and other differences.  They miss the only relevant key distinction, however, which is that President Trump had power to declassify and Vice President Biden did not.

That’s the only difference that really matters.  Taking classified documents is illegal, full stop.  As no shortage of pundits and Democrats said in August when the FBI raided Trump, “no one is above the law.”  We all know that is a complete lie; there are plenty of rich and famous people above the law, who don’t get prosecuted because of who they are. Yet even in the midst of the Trump scandal, he at least had a plausible, if not laughable, excuse, which is the documents were declassified by him. 

What is Biden’s excuse?  He has none, and the answers that he and his comms team are giving is laughable.  For the first batch, it was a “shock” and it was in a locked office, neither of which are an excuse.  For the second batch, which were found next to Biden’s car in his garage in Delaware, the excuse was that it was “inadvertent.” While not a legal defense, this is still better than Democrat Representative Hank Johnson’s claim that the files were planted by Republicans.

There are legitimate questions to be answered regarding how open these classified documents were, and what were the contents within them.  If these were indeed taken as Biden left the Obama administration, that means that the documents have been there since early 2017.  In 2018, the house was owned by Hunter Biden, the president’s degenerate son who is addicted to drugs and other vices. At the same time, the forms that say the Hunter owned the house said that he was paying just shy of $50,000 a month to rent it.  That payment was going to Joe Biden, whose own tax forms claimed no rental income for the year 2018.  Pulling on the thread of these found classified documents could reveal money laundering and fraud accusations on Joe and Hunter Biden (remember “10% for the big guy” from Hunter’s laptop?  This may come into play in this case).  

There are other questions that must be asked.  Who had access to the house during those years?  Additionally, Biden spends over 40% of his time as President on vacation, much of it in Delaware.  While there is a public log of visitors to the White House, the log for the house in Wilmington has not been released to the media, despite repeated requests for them to do so in the name of the “transparency,” which is something Biden claims he adores.  

When Peter Doocey of Fox News asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for the visitors logs for the Wilmington house, she replied that there were logs for the White House, which was not at all an answer to the question.  Remember, these documents were in cardboard boxes in a garage that was accessible to anyone in the house, regardless of clearance level – not a locked closet or office.

Then the White House announced that the search for classified documents was complete.  Except, whoops!  Another five pages were found.  So, essentially, the public is just supposed to take Biden’s word for it that all malfeasance is done.  Except all credibility (if there ever was any) has been shot.  Biden claims to be a “transparent” administration, yet the initial batch of documents were found before the midterms, and weren’t released until months later.  Not very “transparent.”  The documents in the house were available for anyone to see, yet no one mentioned them in seven years.  Not very “transparent.”

Anyone who shouted from the rooftops that Trump had to go to jail over his handling of classified documents and isn’t doing the same for Biden is just a hypocrite and a partisan hack.  Funny enough, if you defended Trump’s handling of the documents, you can bash Biden to your heart’s content with nary a hypocrisy to be found, because there are laws on the books and defenses to be made.  At the very least, Trump had a defense.  Biden doesn’t.  He’s just a criminal.  

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