Democrats Stand On Graves For Electoral Gain

Originally published May 18, 2022

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After the heinous act of murder in Buffalo by an alleged white supremacist, the media and Democrats immediately did the smart and responsible thing by looking at the gunman’s manifesto, and questioned how a young man could do something so evil.  Then they brought in a team of analysts and psychologists to talk about the mental health crisis in this country, but only after giving a respectable amount of time to honor the dead and give comfort to the families of those who were killed.

Just kidding – they blamed Republicans!

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and Republicans like Elise Stefanik were immediately called murderers, along with the usual suspects like the NRA and pro-Second-Amendment members of the GOP.  They were called white supremacists, with blood on their hands.  Former Bill Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart said, “More blood on the hands of [Tucker Carlson] and [Fox News]. This killer used their racist talking points to justify killing 10 people.” Representative Adam Schiff tweeted, “Tucker Carlson is many things — but he’s not stupid. When he pushes racist conspiracies like ‘the great replacement,’ he knows the risks. He knows some view his vile hate as a call to arms.” Director Rob Reiner said, “The racist massacre in Buffalo rest at the feet of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and the GOP. There are not fine people on both sides.”  Even RINO Republican Liz Cheney got in on the action. “The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-Semitism,” she wrote.

That’s just the beginning of it.  Democratic strategist on Long Island Jon Cooper: “Fox News is a domestic terrorist organization. Pass it on.”  Podcaster Bryan Taylor Cohen: “The most watched show on Fox News is fueling white supremacist terrorism.” Columnist Oliver Willis: “White supremacy is not fringe.  It’s the Republican Party platform and the #1 topic every day on Fox News.”  Rolling Stone Magazine’s top article was entitled, “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t A ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s A Mainstream Republican.”  

What is their evidence that Fox News and Republicans are to blame for this crime?  They have chosen to cherry-pick this murderer’s 180-page manifesto with the intent to assign blame to the people they already hate.  They ignore the shooter’s hatred of Fox News, his antisemitism, and his admission to being a communist.  They focus on something called the “Great Replacement Theory.”

The “Great Replacement Theory” is the racist idea that, essentially, America will be destroyed because white people are being “replaced” by non-white people.  The New York Times claims that “A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Fostered Online, Is Refashioned by the GOP.”  The Washington Post: “Racist ‘great replacement’ theory a popular refrain among Carlson, Ingraham and Coulter.”  These outlets are suddenly very worried about white pundits who look at the demographics of voting and notice that Democrats are specifically courting the votes of black and Hispanic people, and getting them in massive numbers.  

Until this weekend, however, this exact theory was actually celebrated on the Left, albeit under a different name.  They say phrases like “Demographics is Destiny.”  Leftist think-tank Center for American Progress wrote in 2013, “Immigration Is Changing the Political Landscape in Key States,” claiming that “Supporting real immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship for our nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only way to maintain electoral strength in the future.” The Left cheers the massive influx of illegals through the Southern border because they assume that they will all vote Democrat when they are eligible to do so.  

This was brilliantly articulated by the Queens Jewish Link’s very own Izzo Zwiren, in his analysis of Democratic voters in the 2020 election cycle.  “The Democratic Party never changed,” Izzo writes. “The way they viewed people then, and even to this day, is not by principles or beliefs, but by demographics, specifically their skin color or sometimes gender and age. But very little of the Democratic Party determines its constituency by ideals. And this is not me saying this. This is how it was classified by Nate Silver, the editor of FiveThirtyEight, an organization that analyzes election data. In his piece from earlier this year, ‘The 5 Corners of the 2020 Democratic Primary,’ Silver divided the Democratic Party into five groups: Party Loyalists, The Left, Millennials, Black Voters, and Hispanic and Asian Voters. Notice, only two of those groups are based on ideology, whereas 60% are based on demographics. Democrats don’t care about your individual ideals; they care about what social or racial group you belong to, because to them that’s a better indicator of where you stand. You’re black? You’re going to vote this way. You’re Hispanic? Asian? Young? Old? You’ll vote that way.”

Izzo is not the only one to have noticed this, of course.  Examples of legacy media outlets claiming the very same thing have been circulating online.  In 2012, The Washington Post wrote about how the Obama team was concerned about the Democrats losing more and more white voters.  “Since 1992, the share of the white vote has fallen from 87 percent to 83 percent to 77 percent and then to 74 percent in 2008.”  In 2016, NPR wrote, “The country is changing – it’s getting browner, as population growth slows among whites…and by 2044, no one racial group will be a majority of the country.  America is at a demographic inflection point. The crosscurrents of demographic and cultural change are upending traditional voting patterns and straining the fabric of what it means to be American.” The mainstream Left is incredibly happy about this.  They see a reduced white population in America as a winning electoral strategy.

This is actually false, as polling data from the 2020 election and the past few years have shown.  Hispanics are increasingly voting Republican, especially in places like Florida and Texas.  Trump doubled his share of black votes from the previous election, and while that number is still incredibly low overall, Democrats need to maintain at least 85-90% of the black vote to be electorally viable.  If the black community begins to vote even 20% Republican, Democrats are basically done on the national level.  

Yet there are some, including this alleged shooter, who see the exact thing that Democrats see, but view it as a problem.  Whites, they believe, are superior, and thus the changing demographics are a bad thing.  As Jordan Peterson once said, when racist theories are pushed by the Left, there will be white racists who believe them.  “And they say,’ fine, but we’re not losing,’” according to Peterson.  These are the people who Democrats and the media claim are representatives of the Republican Party, yet they believe all the same things Democrats believe.  They view it as a racial war, and they want to win. 

The solution to this problem is obvious: Stop viewing everything through the lens of race.  Obviously, this person was a racist; yet claiming, without evidence, that he was radicalized by Fox News and Republicans only makes things worse.  Creating racial quotas in business and culture is not a way to move past race. Having an army of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion staff on every college campus is not going to heal a fractured nation.  Choosing press secretaries, Supreme Court Justices, and Vice Presidents because of their skin color accomplishes nothing except pleasing the base of voters who feel white guilt.  And standing on the bodies of the slaughtered to move polling numbers one or two basis points to the left is horrifically immoral.  

Yet this solution, so obvious to everyone, will be pursued by no one.  Democrats can’t run on policies, so their only path to electoral victory is “divide and conquer.” Since few things are more divisive than race, they’ll keep beating this drum, hoping that their grift on the American voter can continue unabated.  The rest of us can only hope that the voters will finally see through this and stop letting these people ruin the country.  

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