The Great Vaccine Misdirect

 Originally published July 28, 2021

Get the vaccine. By sheer statistics alone, it’s safer to be vaccinated than unvaccinated. 

With that out of the way – make your own choices.  If you choose to get a vaccine, that’s all you can do and don’t worry anymore.  If you choose not to, you’ll live with the consequences of that decision.  

This is not something you would hear from any Democrat in government or in the media.  They will continue to use the pandemic and the vaccinations as tools to gain more and more power.  They have been very successful at it so far.

This is why they are trying to convince the American people to pay close attention to the “evil” Republicans who are providing less-than-approved statements about the vaccine.  These comments are mocked, derided, and censored – yet rarely refuted.  But this is the ammunition that the media uses when trying to get every single right-of-center source of information barred from social media.  

It goes all the way to the top.  Joe Biden claimed that Facebook was killing people.  Jen Psaki said that they were coordinating with Facebook to let them know sources of “misinformation” (a term that can mean any information that Democrats do not like). Psaki also said that if you are banned from one social media site, you should be banned from all sites, regardless if you have violated that site’s policy or not.  This is the government using their power to bully private companies into suppressing free speech, and it should frighten everyone.  

The most ridiculous part of this is the base of the claim – that it’s Trumpist watchers of Tucker Carlson and Newsmax who are the ones going without vaccinations.  The evidence of this is scanty at best.  The media simply looked at the percentages of the population of each state that was vaccinated, matched it up with an electoral map, and realized that the red states have lower percentages than the blue states.  Talking point found!

There are multiple problems with this narrative.  First, there are multiple reasons why adults choose not to get vaccinated.  Labeling all unvaccinated Alabamians as rubes while ignoring unvaccinated Californians is a means of securing blue states for the upcoming electoral cycle.  Second, broken down in different ways, it’s difficult to even make the case that it’s Republicans in general who are choosing to not get vaccinated.  

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) study, there are large disparities in race when getting vaccinated.  As of July 19, 65% of Asians, 48% of whites, 41% of Hispanics, and 36% of blacks received at least one dose of the vaccine.  If the game that the Democrats and media want to play is “demonize the groups of people who voted differently than me,” then that’s the game that will be played.   

According to Democrat polling company Catalist, 67% of Asians, 44% of whites, 63% of Hispanics, and 90% of blacks voted for Joe Biden.  Of those groups, the black and Hispanic populations, which voted overwhelmingly for Biden, are the least likely to be vaccinated.

Does this matter?  Not at all.  Getting vaccinated is a personal choice, and the media and Democrats are using it as a means of control and demonization of their political opponents.  So every time Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, Anthony Fauci, or any other member of government or media try to convince you to turn on your neighbor, remember that they are lying to you and do not care about you.  They like their power, and they will do anything to keep it. 

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