Exhausted From Rigging Election, Media Now Prepare To Hibernate

 Originally published December 2, 2020


A return to normalcy was the stated goal of the Biden campaign, and the media is eager to comply. In a “normal” Washington, the supposed firefighters of the truth forget that they have a job and a duty to the American people. Between 2009 and 2016, the media’s main job was to create a fictional President named Barack Obama who was good at his job, as opposed to the actual Barack Obama who was anything but. Now that they deemed Biden the winner of the 2020 election (despite the fact that ongoing lawsuits and lack of concession or certification mean that he is not yet President-Elect), the media are ready to “return to normalcy,” which is being the lapdog of the Democrats.

The media have earned their break. They have spent four years doing their jobs of holding the President of the United States accountable, even when they have to create the scandal of the week out of thin air. Many Republicans have little issue with the media scrutinizing the President, so long as the standard is applied to both sides. It is not. The “objective” news media have consistently had 90-plus percent negative coverage of President Trump. They refuse to cover negative stories about Joe Biden, and they ignore positive stories about Trump. This rigged the election in Biden’s favor.

Newsbusters (Media Research Center) recently reported that in seven swing states, six of which went to Biden, Biden voters were unaware of significant stories. Testing eight different stories, they have determined that 82% of the 1,750 people polled were unaware of at least one of these major news stories, and 5% were unaware of all eight. Seventeen percent of respondents said that they would not have voted for Joe Biden had they been aware of one or more of these stories. That would have easily shifted the election to Trump.

The eight stories contained three negative stories about Biden and five positive stories about Trump. The three negative stories about Biden were the Tara Reade sexual assault allegation, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and the fact that Kamala Harris was the most leftwing Senator in 2019 (more left than Bernie Sanders). The five positive Trump stories were the 33.1% economic growth, the 11.1 million new jobs, the Middle East peace deals, energy independence, and operation Warp Speed, which allowed at least three vaccines to be developed in record time.

The media hid these stories from the public because they hate Trump and Republicans. Now that they consider their job complete, they are beginning to go back to normal, which is being a mouthpiece for the Democrats.

For every new appointment that Joe Biden makes to his cabinet, the media swoon. Yamiche Alcindor, the “objective” White House Correspondent for PBS, said that the Biden appointees “felt like the Avengers, it felt like we are being rescued from this, this craziness we’ve all lived through these past four years and now here are the superheroes to come and save us all.” The talking point of the team being “apolitical, “diverse,” and “humble” spread from ABC to NBC to CBS.

This is a glimpse of what is to come should Biden be inaugurated in January. When Biden twisted his ankle while playing with his dog this past weekend, the media hid it for 24 hours. Biden received a CT scan for an ankle injury, but that does not require questions. Trump’s every move for the weeks before his COVID diagnosis, however, was under severe scrutiny.

The media gushed over Biden’s appointment of an all-female press team, screaming headlines from The Washington Post and the Hill, but ignored when Trump was the first to have a female Press Secretary at the same time as a female Communications Director. They ignored when Kellyanne Conway became the first female campaign manager to win a presidential campaign. This is par for the course, considering that the media ignore the 18 Republican women who won their Congressional races this year. The “historic” label only applies to Democrats.

This is what “normal” looks like: a hibernating media who refuse to cover the Democrat in office, a complacent group of bureaucrats who consistently fail and get rehired again and again. This is the swamp in a nutshell. “Normal” is a lie. A complicit media isn’t normal. Don’t let it become so.

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