Kamala Harris: What are YOU doing?

Originally written November 2018

During the confirmation hearing for Ronald Vitiello, the nominee to head U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Kamalla Harris questioned Vitiello on the “perception of many about how the power and discretion at ICE is being used” and how that parallels with Vitiello’s given definition of KKK tactics and motivation. 
Now, putting aside Kamala Harris’s presidential hopes, and her pandering to the most radical members of the Democratic base (who would love to see “No borders, No walls, No USA at all”; a frequent chant at Antifa protests), there are a few questions that Harris herself should answer regarding perceptions of parallels between ICE and the KKK.  Harris is an elected representative of the nations most populated state, California.  As their elected representative, she has a responsibility to her constituents, and speaks on their behalf.  If she is asking about this perception, it stands to conclude that a sizeable portion of her constituents share this perception.  So, Kamala Harris, what are YOU doing, as the U.S. Senator from California, to combat this perception amongst your constituents?
Are you dissuading your constituents of this perception?  Are you discussing how the KKK is a dark stain on the history of the Democratic party?  Are you expounding on the bravery of the ICE agents who enforce the laws of the country that you swore an oath to? Are you deliberating in town halls with angry citizens and non-citizens alike, those of whom have been on the receiving end of law enforcement, that American border laws must be respected, and that you, as an elected official, are looking to change them in the proper way, through the legislator?
Are you immersing yourself in the history and tactics of the Ku Klux Klan to educate yourself on the ridiculousness of this perception?  If so, you would notice that ICE agents are not masked, do not burn crosses in yards, and do not persecute on a whim. You would notice that ICE agents are made up of brave men and women of multiple races who are working hard to enforce laws that were passed by Congress, and not racists who are determined to segregate those they deem “other”. 
Kamala Harris, by not taking these steps, by not combating this perception, by granting it legitimacy in the halls of the United States Senate, you have become the very problem that you are fighting against.  You operate in the shadows, masking your hatred of border enforcement and borders themselves behind the façade of legitimate questions during a confirmation hearing.  You induce fear tactics in the hopes to separate Americans and potential Americans into the belief that the color of their skin is what makes them a target.  You misinterpret passages of law, like the KKK did with passages from the Bible, to push your race-based agenda. 
Kamala Harris, you have a responsibility to do more for your constituents.  If you keep pushing these “perceptions”, you will continue harming the country you seek to lead. 

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