Ellison’s Potential Replacement Even More Anti-Israel

Originally published on June 2018

The Democratic Party has become increasingly anti-Israel in the previous years.  While leadership still maintains a pro-Israel stance, a growing element from within the party is virulently anti-Israel.  They blame Israel for violence on the Gaza border.  They promote BDS movements on college campuses.  They advocate against moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
The greatest example of this behavior is Deputy Chair of the Democratic Party, Keith Ellison.  Ellison, who nearly became the Chair of the Party after a hard push by Bernie Sanders, enjoys a close relationship to renowned anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Ellison has defended Farrakhan on multiple occasions, and has made anti-Semitic comments himself.
Keith Ellison will be leaving Congress soon, though, in order to run for Minnesota’s Attorney General position.  However, his anti-Israel legacy has a good chance of remaining behind.  This is where State Representative Ilhan Omar comes in.
If you read Time Magazine, you may recognize Omar from the Special Edition cover, “Women Changing the World.”  She can be seen beneath Oprah Winfrey and next to Ellen Degeneres.  Omar was the first Somali American Muslim woman to be elected to any legislative office when she was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives.  That earned her a cover spot over the first woman to successfully manage a campaign for President (KellyAnne Conway) or the first Indian American Woman to be elected Governor, who also happens to be the United States Ambassador to the United Nations (Nikki Haley).  I guess Republicans should feel happy they got some representatives in the issue.
Ilhan Omar has recently filed to run for Congress to replace Keith Ellison in the House of Representatives.  If it were even possible, Omar may be even more hostile to Israel and the Jewish Community than Keith Ellison is.  Omar has ties to CAIR, where she served on the Minnesota chapter’s advisory board.  For those who don’t know, CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and funded by Hamas, two terrorist organizations.  Omar has appeared at multiple events with Linda Sarsour, founder of the Women’s March and rabid anti-Semite.
Omar has tweeted anti-Israel rhetoric on multiple occasions.  Here are some of her tweets:
Omar’s discrimination against Jews and Israel is not limited to her social media.  While opposing an Anti-Israel Boycott Bill in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Omar referred to Israel as an apartheid state, claiming it is similar to South Africa.  She blatantly discriminates against Israeli businesses and pushes for boycotts, and hides behind the atrocities of apartheid-era South Africa.  She truly demonstrates her own ignorance, for Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, the only country where Jews, Muslims and Christians alike can live and worship in peace and harmony.  Thankfully the Anti-Israel Boycott Bill passed 57-8, despite her objections.
Ilhan Omar is the latest in a long string of examples of just how far to the left the Democrat Party is moving.  She authored legislation to turn Minnesota into a Sanctuary State. She pushes for redistribution of taxpayer dollars towards specific businesses.  As described, her rhetoric and record clearly show a bias against America’s greatest ally in the Middle East.
Ilhan Omar is poised for leadership roles in the DNC.  Given the trend of the Democratic Party, any anti-Israel proposals that she pushes for in the future will have broad party support.
This is why Republicans must maintain control of the House of Representatives in 2018.  Currently, Kathleen Rice represents New York’s 4th Congressional District.  In order for Republicans to maintain the majority in the House, this seat must be flipped to the Republican candidate, Ameer Benno.
Ameer Benno knows that the United States has a natural and permanent alliance with Israel.  He will support legislation that will help strengthen Israel and stabilize the region.  He will push to end foreign aid to terrorist sponsoring countries.  He will fight the BDS movement that Ilhan Omar supports.  He is needed on Capitol Hill.
On November 6th, vote Benno for Congress.

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